Monday, October 26, 2009

Anecdotal Evidence

The Huffington Post has an article this morning about rape victims being denied coverage. Not, as one insurance executive hastens to state in the article, because they were raped. Oh, no. Only because they took a course of anti-AIDS medication, just in case. Only because they might need coverage for PTSD.
Even when patients have coverage, there are fundamental disagreements between insurance companies and doctors about what mental health treatment is medically necessary. The Investigative Fund spoke with doctors, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers around the country who work regularly with victims of sexual assault. They said that their patients have been experiencing an increase in delays and denials, particularly for talk therapy.
So, which is better? Having government coverage, or allowing insurance companies to decide what is "medically necessary?"

So, let's review a few things I've mentioned here over the past few weeks.

~If you've ever reported incidents of domestic violence to the police, seven states and DC can deny you medical insurance. Pre-existing condition.

~If your new baby is over the 95th percentile in size and weight, he or she can be denied coverage. Risk of obesity.

~If you have ever been raped and required treatment for PTSD or AIDS, you can be denied coverage. Pre-existing condition.

One of our local radio stations runs an ad for Lipitor, a blood pressure medication. The ad says, in part, that there is no generic form of Lipitor available, so if you switch to a generic, it's a different medication. The plummy voice of the announcer goes on to say that, if you're doctor has prescribed Lipitor, why switch? Yeah, well...I got news. Here's why people switch: because their insurance won't pay for it! That's right, folks...if your insurance company finds a generic of something else that THEY decide works just as well, you can kiss your Lipitor goodbye! That happened to a friend of mine.

I never heard of Medicare denying coverage for these reasons. I guess it must be because, by the time you get to Medicare age, life is a pre-existing condition!

Many thanks to Surfy for the link!


  1. Im not hear to argue whether Terrence Sampson is guilty or not because obviously he is! He took a person life! The parole board can't punish him, we can't punish him. Only God can. We can wish death on him because all the pain that he has caused our love ones. What would that solve absolutley nothing. There is a time where we should forget. God know his intention so whatever God has plan that between him and the creator.... He was a child and his action affected alot of people. But one day he will be free lets not forget that. I know its hard but not lets be so judmental. To those who know Kelly lets cherish who she was and not what happen to her. DA FIRST LADY.....

  2. You're on the wrong post.

    We (collectively) can, and have been, punishing Terrence Sampson for the murder of Kelly Brumbelow. I don't believe in God. As far as I can see, Terrence committed the ultimate crime, and sin. He will be released from prison in a very few years, to walk among us again. I hope he stays the hell away from here.

  3. I believe that I am on the right post.I have been greiving and morning Kelly Brumbelow for 8 years now.I often think about her from time to time. She will always be in my heart always. But I don't have any hatred in my body for Terrence or anyone else, what he did was wrong. His childhood wasn't like mine. I don't know what he went through to cause him to do what he did.But I know he went through something. I don't sympathize with his actions. I sympathize with his soul. I forgive him. I can understand your frustration for Terrence, but you said that you don't believe in God, that I don't understand. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. God is the ruler of all. He see's and knows things before they even happen. For you to say that you don't believe in the man that gave you life is really harsh to say Roni. You talk about Terrence, but look at you, you might have not killed anyone but you spirit is evil and with that you can destroy alot of people by your words. Pure shame!!!! Da First Lady
    Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?

  4. this post has nothing to do with Terrence or Kelly. You need to make your comments here:

    This post is about health care.

  5. "Thinking about" Kelly is not the same as "greiving (sic) and morning (sic)." Trust me, I am an expert at grieving and mourning.

    Last I heard, this country had freedom of religion, which allows me to believe or not, as I see fit.

    I'm curious about what happened 8 years ago that caused you to think of Kelly, because the murder occurred 21 years ago.

    You say that I should not be "judmental (sic)" of Terrance, and yet you feel free to judge me most harshly because my beliefs are different from yours.

    I have not asked God for forgiveness, as I have better things to do than talk to air.

    I do not "hate" Terrance. I believe I have said that I hope he has a productive life. Preferably far away from Round Rock. I hope he takes responsibility for the bloody and brutal murder of a lovely girl. 97 stab wounds. Don't forget the 97 stab wounds, and the fact that he tried to clean up and hide the body. His father found her. Can you imagine how horrible that was? Can you imagine her terror as she was being attacked by this out-of-control child?

    You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to come into my blog and tell me my "spirit" is evil. This is as far as you may go. Any further insult will be deleted. Do I make myself clear?