Monday, October 26, 2009

...And the Plot Thickens, Yet Again...

Oh, just UGGHHH!

The school board in Jefferson County, MO, where an unnamed juvenile allegedly killed nine-year-old Elizabeth Olten held a closed door meeting this morning, at 10:00 AM. They reassured parents "that Jefferson City schools are safe and that this tragic incident was isolated and did not happen on school property."

In other words, they are covering their asses. Like the community at large did not know where Elizabeth's body was found! The wood in which she was buried was close to both her house and the home of the alleged killer...and not near the school!

"The board reported that counselors will be available in schools to help students cope with the loss." In a different article (which I can't find at present) it was stated that counsellors were provided at the elementary school Elizabeth attended, but said nothing about providing them for the high school, where students have just found out they have been taking classes with an alleged murderer! One wonders why this meeting was not held over the weekend...

Here's the link to the quoted KOMU story.

On top of that, one of the teachers at the high school attended by the alleged killer was found dead in his home this morning. The story I found said,
Details about his death were still being investigated, but authorities were dispatched to the scene as if this were a suicide call. A firearm was reportedly involved.
Here's a link to that story. Needless to say, this part of it makes me feel very queasy. I'm thinking that, if they didn't have counsellors at that high school, they should have!

A little bit of creative googling has found the name of the possible suspect, so all this hush-hush is ridiculous.

There will be a press conference in the morning.

ETA: The presser was not broadcast on local media websites. Maybe they don't have the technology to do so. However, here's a link to the coverage from The hearing about whether the accused will be tried as an adult will take place on November 18, and will be closed to the public. Tomorrow, there will be a hearing to determine whether she will be kept in custody, or released on house arrest, pending trial! This has prompted lots of outrage on the boards, in the news story comments, and on Nancy Grace, but I think it's probably a formality. I'm sure they are smart enough to see that, for her own safety (at the very least) she needs to be in custody. If they send her home, somebody will kill her, if the comments on local news stories are any indication of public sentiment.


  1. Unfortunately covering their asses is the first thing schools think of. Everybody is so paranoid about getting sued.

    Expect lots of drama that will have absolutely nothing to do with the actual crime and its victims.

  2. I am looking forward to it. The more they bullshit, the more I have to rant about!

  3. So confused. They think the teacher did it? So why is the 15 year old in juvie still?