Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Accused Juvenile Remains in Custody

the 15-year-old girl being held for the murder of Elizabeth Olten will remain in custody, pending a hearing on November 18th, which will determine if she is to be tried as a juvenile or as an adult. I was pretty sure this hearing was just a formality. They would have had to be stark raving bonkers to release this girl. For starters, she lives just down the street from her victim, so sending her home would have been totally disrespectful to Elizabeth's family. According to students leaving comments on the news stories, the alleged killer's friends have already been making threats against others. The girl's boyfriend, whose home was searched by the FBI, has been receiving threats from the general public, as rumours abound that he helped her with the murder. In short, if you think the circus outside the Anthony's home in Orlando was bad, this would be more of a riot, if this girl were sent home.

The News-Tribune reported this afternoon that the Certification Hearing (to decide if the accused will be tried as an adult) will be open to the public. No cameras or recorders, but members of the public will be allowed in. This leads me to believe that she will be tried as an adult, as, if officials were expecting the decision to go the other way, they would want it kept private to protect her identity as a juvenile. If and (IMO) when she is certified for trial as an adult, her name and other information will be made public.

Here is KMOV video from Elizabeth's funeral this afternoon.


  1. You are right--finding her name and her picture was not too difficult.

  2. I was surprised to learn of her academic acheivements.

    But, the usual suspect as per. Father in jail, Mom on drugs, living with grandparents.

    I know she will be tried as an adult, as she should (yes, I think there is a difference between a 12 year old and a 15 year old lol).

    And the rumors of pre-meditation are scary. That she dug the grave the Friday before?

  3. Murdering young, innocent children is becoming far too common place. Now we have a child murdering a child! Locally, there is a 20 year old VT college student missing from Charlottesville, VA which is close to where I live. Morgan Harrington had gone to UVA for a Metallica concert, but left the arena to find a rest room and was denied re-entry under arena policy. Her purse and cell found in the parking lot. Despite a $150k reward, she has not been located.
    On a more positive note, I just received an email from the DCCC -Breaking News: Health Care Bill Introduced with a Strong Public Option- Good news for Ronni and many others

  4. Jo Ann, I am keeping an eye on the Morgan Harrington case, but I'm still not sure that one involves foul play. I wish she had explained to her friends how she wound up outside. Those tickets weren't cheap, so why would she go outside without hers before the music started? When she called her friends, she could have asked one of them to meet her at a designated entrance, with her ticket, so she could have got back in.

  5. Ronni, your take on Morgan makes perfect sense. Many unanswered questions remain. It has been almost two weeks so if she took off for some reason,she needs some serious counseling for putting her parents and friends through hell.
    However, her purse, cell and car were found in the lot and that is very disturbing. Hopefully there will be some answers soon as to her fate. That she has not met with foul play.

  6. According to Nancy Grace, her ph0ne and wallet, etc., were found in some other parking lot, near a bridge where there was what Nancy called "a credible sighting" of her.

    I'm going to try and find the transcript...

  7. GRACE: It`s the location of the pocketbook that`s bothering me. Listen to this, Pat. Dr. Harrington, her pocketbook is found outside the arena in the parking lot, correct?

    HARRINGTON: Well, it`s actually found beyond the parking lot. It was found near some athletic fields, which is close to the bridge where she was last apparently seen.

  8. NEWMAN: OK. The purse was found in Lanigan Field. This is a grassy sort of overflow parking area known where RVs park. That`s where the purse was found, Nancy, with of course, that cell phone. Cops tracked her from about 8:20 until 9:00 around the arena, trying to get back inside. They told her, No, you can`t get back in, you don`t have your ticket. Then about 9:00 o`clock to 9:10, she`s seen walking through, I believe it`s the University Hall parking lot. Then from there, 9:10 to 9:20, she is seen walking through Lanigan field. Again, that`s where the purse was found. And then up to 9:30, last known sighting of Morgan is at this bridge.

  9. I read somewhere that she had ridden to the concert with her friends, and not taken her car.

  10. A very early report said HER car was in the lot, but not so.
    The battery missing from her cell phone is strange. So many aspects of this case are puzzling. Authorities have their work cut out for them for sure.