Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Musings on a Tiny Flame

It has been years since I bought a cigarette lighter.

Back in the day, Jim and I both smoked. We found a convenience store that gave us a lighter whenever we bought a carton of cigarettes. With me smoking a pack a day, and Jim, two or three times that, the lighters began to pile up. After 2005, Jim was the only smoker in the house, but the lighters still piled up. They took over the junk drawer. We had gallon-sized freezer bags full of them. That all ended a couple of years ago.

I have torn apart every junk drawer in this house, and can't find a single lighter. I believe I have used them all. I know I gave a few away, but that's a lot of candles!

So, now I have to buy a lighter (rubbing two candles together doesn't work). I feel just a bit guilty doing it. I know I'm not a kid, and it's nobody's business what I do with my lighters...but just feels odd. Like going out to dinner by myself. Something "nice women" of a "certain age" just don't do.

Well, I have candles, dammit, and they won't burn by themselves!


  1. I had the same problem when I quit over 15 years ago. I keep a stash of those long bbq lighters for the candles I use in my scented oil burner.

  2. Favorite scented oil from Walmart: Warm Sugar Cookies.

  3. Nessa gave me a sandalwood/vanilla candle that is wonderful, and Kaye gave me a lily-of-the-valley. then there are the green ones I keep burning for prosperity...I think I need a better lighter for those.

  4. I keep a box full of matchbooks in my pantry. I haven't used a lighter since I quit smoking some years ago.

  5. The BBW lighters are better for candles. Matches will burn your finger if the candle is in a jug and you have to turn it a certain way, or if its too deep. Same for your average Bic lighter.