Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sprouts Farmers Market has come to Round Rock!

There were radio ads, and TV ads, and the manager came in to the shop and rented some cow costumes, but, somehow, I didn't grasp that the new Sprouts was going in where Albertson's used to be. It really is nice to see a grocery store in there again, and what a store it is!

I am guessing that a lot of the incredible deals they offered this weekend are opening specials, but still! Avocados are three for a dollar, and every one of them perfect! Nice, snappy gingersnaps, two 14 oz. bags for three dollars. I was seduced by the delicious aroma of fresh bell peppers, and bought one.

Some of their meat was very cheap. Then again, probably a special, but I got some yummy looking pork chops for $1.49/lb!

I was a bit disappointed in their selection of breads; the only ordinary bread they carried was Mrs Baird's, and they didn't have one that was 100% whole wheat. Maybe they were just out...but I don't want to pay over $4 a loaf for bread that would grow if I planted it. I just want something to wrap around some Marmite.

I'll tell you what,'s less than half a mile from my home, and their prices are very reasonable. I will probably get my produce there, at the very least.

My kind of store!


  1. Sprouts is great around here. Good produce and organic meats at much lower prices than Whole Foods (aka "Whole Paycheck")

  2. Wow, Ronni, that sounds very reasonable for pork chops. I think we need a Sprouts over here.

    Going crazy with the job search. sigh!

    Hope you are well....

    And, if I may, a quick 'hi' to Deege.

  3. They are absolutely beautiful pork chops, too! Boneless, and about an inch thick!

    I have not shopped at Whole Foods for a long time. Not since they went corporate. Besides, they never did carry Marmite!