Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I woke up this morning to the sound of gentle rain. All four cats sitting on the porch, glaring at me. How DARE I permit water to fall out of the sky onto their pristine, fluffy fur! After breakfast, they line up at the door. Surely, I will have turned it off by now!

So, now they are all going everywhere with me. Down the hall to the bathroom. Back to the kitchen while I start the dishwasher. Into the utility room while I check the dryer.

"Hurry up and make it stop!"

I love this weather. The temp is only in the 60s, and will get down into the upper 50s tonight. Sure, it's a bit damp, but Minnie Miata handles well in the rain and there are no low water crossings between here and the shop. I do not like driving in a deluge, but this is far from that.

Just a nice, gentle, Autumn rain.

I'll take it.

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