Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A War On Two Fronts?

What about these guys walking around outside Presidential events with semi-automatic weapons? In the media, I keep hearing that they are "exercising their Second Amendment Rights...foolishly, maybe...," but that's what the talking heads are saying that they are doing.

Why now? Do you really think they could have got away with that during the Bush administration? Every one of them would have been taken down and disarmed and somehow hauled off as a potential threat. Remember how protesters were kept away from any Presidential event? They were only making noise. So...why now?

Think about what would happen if somebody tried to arrest them, or remove them from the vicinity. Would they become (more) threatening; would the situation escalate? I don't think so. I think they would allow themselves to be hauled off. Of course, within minutes, the NRA would be there, armed with lawyers and the Constitution, looking--nay, begging--for trouble.

In one fell swoop, the public would be thoroughly distracted from the issue of health care reform, and the President would be fighting two battles; one that's a hell of a fight, and the other that is unwinnable.

And the voice of the majority would be silenced. The rule of Lobby would be out in the open and democracy would be dead.


  1. I agree Ronni, its such bullpoop.

    Assault weapons? Give me a freakin break. Ok, I get that people have the right to bear arms. And that they feel oh so safe with said guns (even though most personal guns kill people in their families rather than protect them but thats neither here nor there).

    I sure am glad I live in a state with reasonable restrictions. (even though the stupid gun shows in other states kind of belies them)

  2. I've got rid of all the guns I can find. They are sitting at the gun shop, on consignment. There is still one that we never found after the last move, so I have that joy to come.

    Just because you have the right to bear arms, doesn't mean that you have to. Just because you have the right to an abortion, doesn't mean you have to have one. Just because you have the right to marry, doesn't mean you must.

    I think it is rank idiocy to carry an assault rifle (or any weapon) in a charged crowd. Just because the bearer of the weapon has no ill intent, doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same way.

    I understand about a polite society and all that, but it seems to me that we are a nation of children, for the most part. The majority of people seem very ignorant of the world, except as far as it affects them personally. We (present company excepted) seem to be unable to approach decision-making in a rational manner. Frankly, the thought of everyone going armed scares the shit out of me.

  3. I happen to agree. I am NOT an NRA supporter. I think they are a rank group, whose politics (and yes, it IS politics), has made probably normal people retarded.

    What normal person really believes that owning an oozy (sic) and weapons of the like actually protect them?

    And the mentality of a collector is beyond my comprehension. How many guns does one need exactly? And when does THAT become dangerous because if you get robbed then some wad has a collection of guns he can sell on the street?

  4. "Uzi," I think.

    However, the real point here, is that we are being given something else to complain about, something conservatives can blame on Obama, and something that can distract us from Health Care.

    We cannot let it distract us from health care.

  5. I think seeing the guys with the guns is their way of blowing smoke in our faces... like we are forced to breathe their second hand smoke and it causes a cancer of fear and hate-mongering. It makes more people hate our President and it causes me to hate them. It causes our nation to be more polarized than almost ever (except during civil war maybe). I can't even begin to describe how angry it makes me at the idiots that put on these stunts. And I want to call up the Travis County Democratic Party tomorrow (or the Wilco Dem party) and find out when WE are going to have our own demonstrations!!!