Monday, August 17, 2009

Drag Design

While all the participants at Saturday's Coronation ceremony displayed the three F's (Flawless, Fabulous and Fierce), one group stood out. Most queens wear gowns adapted from women's clothing, but this group (The Imperial Court of Kentucky) has formal wear designed by and for drag queens.

The shop is called Inspired Apparel, located in Lexington, Kentucky. They are too busy designing to put up a website, but they do have a MySpace page here.


  1. Is there a different style in clothing made especially for male drag queens, or is it just cut for the male body?

  2. It's my understanding that, by definition, drag queens are male. I could be wrong. These are specifically designed for males, incorporating padding where needed, at bust and hip. As the couple pictured are the owners of the shop, I expect their clothing is build specifically for them. I dint' get enough time to talk to them, to find out if all their stuff is custom, or if they sell pret-a-porter, as well.

  3. Ah, oui, certainement!

    Theatres, the very wealthy who can buy custom clothing, and drag queens make up the tailor and costumer's clientele. Did I miss anybody else?

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