Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial

Trials and Tribulations

Sprocket is still attending the trial, and posting her notes. As far as I know, she is the only blogger actually there, right now, though others may go for closing arguments.

There is discussion in the comments at Cameron Brown Trial and Cameron Brown Case--An Inside Look. The former takes a "guilty" stance, while the latter proclaims innocence.

Sprocket updates every day or so, and the discussion is ongoing at the other sites.

For anyone annoyed by the ongoing sniping between Ken and Ted, the following comment from Jobeth at Cameron Brown Trial might provide something of an explanation:
For those of you that weren't around for the first trial, you've missed quite a bit of the history between Ken & Ted. While that was underway, Ted was posting quite often, loudly, and belligerantly on Usenet (misc.legal) about many things, including things he shouldn't have been. He also made several statements that were clearly untrue, about 'H-Bomb level evidence that would clear Cam completely' that never materialized. When Ken showed him up on points of law, Ted got very upset, and started the personal attacks, with his Aussie pretense and use of Queen's english as if he were some sort of sophisticated world traveler. (And while I've seen him screaming "right bollacks" a lot this time again, I haven't seen him pull 'mendacious prevaricator' yet.) When he was pilloried on the electric beer and Jethro Tull issues, he went into a frothy frenzy from which he's yet to recover.

If you really want to visit this back history, it is, as Jobeth said, laid out ad infinitum at Usenet in the "misc.legal" forums. Just go there and search for the name "Ted Kaldis." The argument had started before the first trial, as far as I know. If that discussion holds no interest, just skip over it.

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