Monday, August 10, 2009

Astroturf Protests

Thanks to Annie S on Facebook for this link:

Blog for Our Future--A Right Wing Mob is not a Majority

A quote:
Is this a bona fide grassroots rebellion? Not exactly. As ThinkProgress' Lee Fang uncovered on Friday, the lobbyist-run national conservative group FreedomWorks is promoting an instructional memo titled "Rocking The Town Halls" which advises right-wing activists to "Artificially Inflate Your Numbers: Spread out in the hall and try to be in the front half ... Be Disruptive Early And Often ... Try To 'Rattle Him,' Not Have An Intelligent Debate..."
These people will shout anyone down.

I really don't get it. What is so wrong with reforming our health care "non-system?" Are people thinking, "Well, I have health insurance, so I'm OK, and screw the other guys?" Do they not realize that they could lose their coverage in a heartbeat, if it gets too expensive for their employers to afford, or if they lose their jobs...and there is a lot of that about, these days.

To deliberately spread fear about nonexistent provisions of the Bill is outrageous, and detrimental to the credibility of those perpetrating such nonsense. How much of a stretch is is to interpret coverage for a discussion with professionals about the creation of a Living Will as "euthanizing Granny?"

This is not a "grass roots" uprising, it is a deliberate attempt to deprive me of affordable medical coverage.

It really pisses me off.

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