Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Opening Arguments--Cameron Brown Trial

AP Article covering the opening statements of Cameron Brown's second trial for the murder of his daughter, Lauren Sarene Key.

There are a couple of blogs following this case closely. Cameron Brown Trial and Sprocket Trials.

It's a relief to have this finally under way. Cameron Brown waived his right to a speedy trial, and has now been in jail for seven years. The first trial produced a hung jury. They all thought he was guilty, but only eight jurors wanted Murder One. Two voted for Murder Two, and the other two for Manslaughter.

Hopefully, they will reach a consensus this time.


  1. Oh, Christ. I could see this happening in the Coleman case. There will be the One Doofus Juror who just has to be a holdout, just to create drama and garner attention, and say that the murders weren't premeditated, Chris Coleman just lost it, he really WAS going to ask for a divorce but Sheri must have said or done something to set him off, women do that, don't they.

    And CC will get years more to grow fat and sluggish in his cell, eating commissary Doritos, considering a prison tatt (which arm?) just to annoy Dad.

  2. In this case, like the Coleman one, forensics will do him in. I think the problem was that there were too many choices given the jury. Three is too many, IMO. Murder I or II, and forget the manslaughter. If he did it, he meant to do it.

    Falling off a 120 ft cliff would lead to a lot of bruising and scraping as she bounced and slid down the steep incline. Her body had the one huge impact and not much else.

  3. I wish we had some updates...