Friday, June 26, 2009

The Saga of No Return

The guy rented the toga. OK, it wasn't really a toga. It was a white robe with a purple one-shoulder drape and an olive leaf crown.

Weeks went by. Todd Lynch never showed up with the costume. Ramona called and left a message. Several times, over the course of several months. She always left a message. I'm guessing he has caller ID, and the shop number came up every time.

Sooo...Ramona sent him a registered letter. He never picked it up. After a further suitable amount of time, she filed a report.

When the police showed up at his door, he was all apologetic, and promised to return the costume, plus a cash settlement. He was supposed to come either yesterday or today.

Shortly before closing time today, he called. He was oh, so sorry. He had a list of excuses a mile long. He would bring the costume on Monday.

Of course, we are closed on Mondays. This Monday we will actually be in the shop, finishing up "Fiddler on the Roof," but we are still closed to the public.

He agreed to come in tomorrow. Tomorrow, when we have the cast of "Big River" picking up their costumes. They will be backed up out the door all day.

Mr Lynch will have to take his whoopin', surrounded by cast members from the Palace musical.

Karma, Baby!


  1. Yeh. And the beauty part is, he brought it on himself!

  2. What's his problem? "Eh, just a bunch of old women, no need to pay them any mind"?

  3. Best drop the "old." Ramona is younger than I, and was in the pageant circuit for a while, in her youth. she looks at least ten years younger than she is, and radiates a sort of touch-me-not sexiness that I would have envied, 20 years ago...all she has to do is smile, and I see guys melting all over the place.

    Mr Lynch has all sorts of excuses, and they are probably at least partially true. I think he may not have known that Ramona knows exactly how to deal with people who default on returns. Yes, he probably thought that, eventually, she would just "fuggedaboudit."