Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers' Day

I usually feel a bit funny on Fathers' Day. My father has been dead for some years, and I haven't spoken to SSS, Chandra and Vanessa's father, in several years. I did wish Brendan's dad a happy day, but only because he happened to stop in to pick Brendan up.

So, as I have no specific dad to wish happy, let me say this...

Congratulations to all the dads out there who do their duty by their children, emotionally and spiritually as well as financially; all the dads that coach little league, attend PTA meetings, live in one-bedroom apartments so that they can pay the child support, spend hot days at the pool, teaching their kids to swim. To the dads who cook and clean, who treat the moms like the ladies they are; the dads who are not afraid to change a diaper or read a bedtime story. To the dads who go to the Father/Daughter Dance, or sit up waiting to flash the porch light on and off at curfew time. To the dads who pick up their sons and daughters after work and wouldn't miss a band concert, dance recital or school play.

It's a hell of a job, but you are the ones raising the next generation of mothers and fathers, and where else are your boys going to learn how it's done?

A huge and hearty "Thank you," from this jaded old blogger.