Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before the Deluge

This is me.

I don't know if it was Feed a Starving Artist Week or what, but my parents had this painted when I was two or three. I remember sitting for it. Yes, Dearly Beloved, I sat still for what seemed like hours, while this was painted. Not done from a photo.

My mom gave it to Margaret about a hundred years ago, and she has had it all these years. She went to Wales for a while, and her sister, Ruth, had the picture while she was gone.

The fan I am holding in the picture and the turquoise kimono draped over the back of the chair were gifts from my Aunt Ruth, who travelled to Japan in the early 50s and brought back the outfit for me. There were shoes and socks, and an obi, and a parasol, too.

Thank you, Margaret, for sending me a digital image of this portrait!


  1. How about a "Ronni through the years" photo gallery? That's a lovely painting.

  2. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=86010&id=635797896

    Your wish is my command...

  3. What a truly loving painting. A typical English lass with that much coveted peaches 'n cream complextion.

    I newphew had an artist "draw" a painting using only lead and erasers. It is of his 2 wee daughters and it is stunning. The facial details are breath-taking. I will look-see if I can find the URL to it.

    The pic itself is probably 24" x 30" and they spared no expensive having it professionally framed.

    I am awed by the talent of others.


  4. So pretty and so peed off looking. I feel that you should own this portrait Ronni, not just a digital image. Mind you I can see how the owner could become attached to it.

  5. The owner wants to give it to me. The issue is transportation from Vancouver. It is, of course, a stretched canvas. I suppose it could be removed from the stretcher and rolled, but I hate to do that to it, after all this time. We need to snag someone who is coming here from there and has room for it.