Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, Well, Well...

It's on a news site. The rumour that Chris Coleman had/has a girlfriend on the side appears to be substantiated.

What the hell is it with these guys and their wives' friends in Florida? Jason Young got himself in the same spot! Of course, he's still running around loose after two and a half years, so it's not that lethal.

Except in Chris's case, he has already changed his story to police (rumour) from being at work that night to being at home and going to the gym at 5:30 AM.

Now, if they can just manage to confirm that other rumour...the one about their being over their heads, financially, the rest of the pieces will fall into place.


  1. I am tending to think that the girlfriend would be more suspect at this point if this is true.

    Lots of men are dickheads and cheat. But STRANGLING your own kids for a stripper? Cheating on someone with a stripper is common. Killing your own children with your hands for one not so much. (at least in my mind)

  2. In so many of these cases, the "other woman" is not the motive, per se, it's the IDEA of the "other woman" that does the trick. I always thought it was naive to think that Scott Peterson killed Laci for Amber...it was the "idea" of Amber. The freedom to have a life full of Ambers.

    If Sheri found out and threatened to expose the relationship through divorce, it could speak strongly to motive, considering he worked for an evangelist.

  3. By the way, we found out when Jason Young's "romantic relationship" with Michelle Money was exposed that police don't use that term unless they are damn sure, and legitimate news sources don't either. Too much risk of a defamation suit.

    I am willing to believe that, if it's out there in a news story, it's true.

    Not that you can believe everything you read, but I've been through this before, and, no matter how it was construed as a "relationship," the message boards were all a-buzz about how it wasn't an affair...until it finally came out that it was, indeed, an affair.

    No married man has any business having a "romantic relationship" with anyone other than his wife. If said wife becomes dead, it will inevitably speak to motive.

  4. But strangling the kids? It is so personal.

    Yes, we see this all the time with wives, but to strangle the children and wife one by one?

  5. Thank you Ronni for highlighting these cases and opening up discussion about them. I haven't heard about this case yet, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    If you haven't yet read this article, I think you will enjoy it. It is entitled "52 Days of Domestic Violence Flu in America" by Casey Gwinn.
    Here is a link:


    (hope that works.)

  6. What...you think that anyone BUT Chris would have done that?

    Strippers in FL do not travel to IL, sneak into secure subdivisions under cloaks of invisibility, and strangle lovers' wives and sons.

    Just because it is so up close and personal, it is much more likely to be a trusted intimate. Statistically, I mean.

  7. NanC, thanks for that link. I will check it out.

    The best book I've read on the subject (so far) is "Erased; Missing Women, Murdered Wives," by Marilee Strong. Well worth a read.

  8. Ronni, they found the spray paint cans. If CC's prints were on them wouldnt they have arrested him by now?

  9. IOW's - I CAN see a husband strangling his wife to death.

    His kids? If he were to to kill his kids I would think it would be a fast method.

    If it is him, then he is a special kind of psychopath.

    The unborn child is not tangiable, children you have raised is more a Mom thing psychopath kind of thing.

    I am following too, and he is the most obvious suspect obviously.

    I want whoever did this caught, and if it is him, then so be it, but I cannot put this into my brain. If they had all been shot or stabbed then I would be thinking the same thing. The affair with the stripper doesnt faze me. Just another evangelical having an affair so far. Its like Rush doing drugs. Not surprising at all.

  10. Ronni,
    I remember you talking about "Erased" by Marilee Strong awhile back, and I checked it out from the library. Great book, and I ended up getting my own copy. So thanks for that recommendation too. Have you read Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer? I like Ann Jones also.

  11. NanC, I have not read either of those authors. As soon as I finish what I'm reading right now, I'll check them out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Off to see if there's any new news since the case was turned over to prosecutors yesterday.

  12. Neil Entwistle gut-shot his nine-month-old baby and shot his wife in the head. I understand your point, Melissa, about the strangling, but nothing surprises me any more.

    Maybe he filmed the whole thing for sale as a snuff film.

  13. Love the book "Erased" and it should be mandatory reading for everyone who follows these types of cases, if for no other reason that it gives great insight into the questions that so many of us ask. Especially "why?"

    After following so many over the years, as Ronni has, it's easy to spot the patterns. They seem to have a handbook because so many of them do the same things!

    The saddest part is that many of them are getting away with it and still walking free! The case in Marilee's book about Peggy Dianovsky always sticks with me! Her husband, and most likely murderer, is living in Arizona, while her body has never been found after 25+ years!

    My opinion is this guy is going to follow in the footsteps of Scott, Michael and now (finally!) Drew Peterson!

  14. There was another case in the same county (Randolph, is it?) a few years ago in which the killer husband was acquitted when the defense convinced the jury it was suicide. The killer now walks free where the victim's family sees him all the time. The name "Wiley" comes to mind, but I can't remember more details. In that case, it took the same DA now in power 14 months to arrest the guy. Charges of local corruption are all over the (local) news story comments.

    It's bad enough that these guys think it is OK to do this, but even worse when the community conspires to help them get away with it.