Thursday, May 07, 2009

Banshee's New Gig

I am not a tidy person, and my table, like any other horizontal surface in my home, is a repository for any little stuff I might have in my hand. Car keys, camera, books, mail, munchies, fabric, patterns...well, suffice it to say that it's a mess.

Banshee has decided that it's a great place to sleep and bathe, but, in order to do so in feline comfort, he has to clear a space. He does this by lying in the middle, and thrashing around until all the stuff falls off the edge. Then he looks with mild interest at whatever just hit the floor, as if to say, "Gee. I wonder how that happened!"


  1. That is hilarious. At least he cleans a spot. We have three cats who love to sleep on inappropriate spots. One has ruined the back cushion of our leather couch. One loves to sleep on the freshly laundered, folded clothes that I haven't gotten a chance to put away off the ottoman. One sleeps on the changing table and refuses to move when I need to change the baby. He usually becomes a "pillow" for the baby. Gotta love them though.

  2. Somewhere I have a cute picture of my grandson the first time he got a double handful of Banshee's whiskers.

  3. Oh, he didn't get scratched did he? We are lucky that all our cats tolerate our 3 1/2 since the biggest ts 18 pounds and could do damage if he wanted.

  4. Ronni, have room for another furkid? Sonny goes in and out all day (of course I am the door person--he howls until I relent!) and comes in covered in stickers.

    I spend my evening picking up stickers from the carpet and out of his fur, mainly his huge fluffy tail!

    Oh! And the outside,right in front of my slider in the living room, looks like the killing fields. He left me two kangaroo rat butts with tails. I know he loves me but give me a break! ((Sigh))