Sunday, April 26, 2009


Up at the theater last night, Andy had to point out to me that The Tree was gone. Michael Johnson took the picture of The Tree a couple of years ago. Wasn't it a lovely Tree?

"You pave paradise and put up a parking lot!"


  1. Thats odd. I mean there was a parking lot there anyway.

    Maybe the tree died?

  2. Amazing picture. Too bad the tree had to be cut down--was it sick?

  3. The tree was alive the last time I noticed. As far as disease goes, it was a live oak, and they are pretty hardy.

  4. that hurts! i HAD to cut a tree in my yard...and when they finally cut the biggest part of the trunk... it was like it CRIED... i mean there was water pouring out of the center of the cut... it made my heart very sad... and every time i hear of a tree being cut down which in this case looks like "for no apparent reason being that a car STILL cannot park in that spot" i think of the tears my own tree shed...


  5. I considered cutting down a certain tree in my front yard, just because I didn't want to look at it, but eventually decided that it would make me even more sad to look at the place it had been.

    They tore out several nice old live oaks to put a water retention pond on the high school grounds, a few blocks from my home, and that hurt, too.

  6. I had a very hardy oak tree in my front yard for 20 years and finally had to cut it down.

    It was a little too healthy and was shooting roots through the foundation.

    At the time my husband accused me of murdering the tree--and its roots through the foundation was just nature taking its course.

    I felt that when the house foundation failed and the house fell down--it would be a little too late to say, I told you so.

    So the tree went away one day. House is still standing.