Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kerbey Lane Cafe

Kerbey Lane has been around for a very long time. Back when I lived in Austin (ten years before The Flood), we used to grab a cheap meal, and then go to Kerbey Lane for dessert. They had a Black Forest cake that could satisfy a chocolate craving for a year. They have healthy food (dessert excepted), nicely served, at a reasonable price. The clientele used to be Austin yuppies and hippies.

I stopped by the new Kerbey Lane, on 183 at Anderson Lane today. Vanessa and I have gone to the north location once every couple of months for a while now, so we saw the move as A Good Thing, as there would be a shorter wait. Today, I was by myself, and spent some time people watching.

The yuppies are still there, and former yuppies, escorted by their yuppie offspring. By now they need help negotiating with their walkers. The hippies are still there, too, though many, like myself, have become old, semi-retired hippies. The new hippies are, of course, the "emo" crowd, with tight pants and unusually cut and coloured hair, as well as tattoos and piercings. But there were several young hippies that seemed to be throwbacks to the olden days. Girls with bell bottoms, and black-and-grey tie-dyed shirts (the kind they don't sell at the mall) and long glossy hair.

The food is still very good. I had a Cobb sandwich, with a side, and coffee, for under $10. The waiter was very personable and earned his tip.

But I didn't have room for dessert.


  1. I absolutely love Kerbey. I miss the eclectic feel of the old north location, is all. The new one feels...well, new. Not that I blame them for that. They do, however, have the best omelettes and French toast. Ever. :)

  2. Give it time...five years or so, and the new will have worn off.

  3. Ronni,

    Doesn't it make you crazy when you want to eat somewhere because they have such wonderful desserts and then, you go there,eat too much, and then have NO room for the wonderful Chocolate cake???

  4. GAH - I had Outback tonight. It was an hour away event for my niece's Girl Scout troop. So it was a limited menu.

    Though I started a seperate tab so I could get apps for the family.

    They have a new menu now. And there is no more shrimp on the barbie, which is sacralige! I tried the new stuffed shrimp and now I have explosive diareah and have been vomiting. I want to call my Dad because he had a piece too. The other 2 pieces were left untouched because it was DISGUSTING!

    Let me just say that driving 65 miles home with an explosive stomach was a real white knuckler.

    No, I didnt mess myself, but it was close. And I am driving a brand new car due to a snowstorm that I was stubborn enough to drive in last month because I didnt want to take off of work (yay car payments) and I wound up taking TWO days off from work because the next day I just didnt want to drive. (had a rental at that point, which insurance didnt cover I might add)

    I am giving it another hour before I call an ambulance. I think the shrimp may have been undercooked.

    PS, the steak sucked too, I had to slather it in steak sauce to be able to eat it.

    The only thing I liked was the salad (cant beat an Outback salad) and the cheesecake.

    Maybe it was the location, so if you have any Monroe NY readers, avoid that location like the plague.

    Have YOU ever had a med rare sirloin steak that was DRY as all hell?

    I think maybe they were annoyed with the people going from the troop? Maybe people werent tipping because they had paid ahead of time?

  5. And what is a Cobb Sandwich? I have had Cobb salad.

  6. I'm sorry about your food poisoning, Melissa! I have been lucky enough (knock wood), to avoid that, so far.

    I haven't been to Outback in quite a while. It might be even longer before I go back!

    A Cobb sandwich has all the main stuff in the salad, on toast. Chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, cucumber, blue cheese...

    Very yummy.