Saturday, April 18, 2009

English Beach

My cousin, who lives in Devon, took this picture on Easter Sunday. It must be pretty chilly, or there would be a lot more people there.

Lisa talks about Martin wearing a sweater to the beach in England. I can tell you, that happens a lot. Traditionally, the English have always touted the benefits of Sea Air, and, if they waited for warmth to avail themselves of some, they would wait a long time. We look at pictures of Victorians strolling on the beaches, dressed in all their Victorian layers, and we think they must be hot. Not so much.

I can remember strolling from our travel trailer to the beach in Wales. We would walk up the sandy road to the top of the dunes, and I would be thinking, "Good. It's nice and warm today." Then we would crest the dune, and a bitter wind, laden with sand, would hit us in the face, and it would all go downhill from there.


  1. I'm Italian and that is just plain wrong.

    I go to the beach and luxuriate in the heat and sun, and the smell of Bain de Soliel.

    Martin wears a hat, a tee shirt and 485 SPF.

  2. Ask him to please pass it over here...