Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Easter Story

I have some nice memories of Easter when the kids were small.

I have probably told y'all about this before, but I'm thinking about it, so here it comes again.

I think it was in 1984. Easter rolled around, and I got up early, all by myself, to hide the eggs. SSS was, as usual, sleeping one off. I was in charge of most kid-type activities, particularly if they involved getting up early.

So, feeling imaginative and suffering from a surfeit of coffee, I decided to dress up for this expedition. I mean, if the kids saw me, of course they would know it was me, but they would laugh, and that was the point.

I had a pair of pink flowered long johns, and a little pleated blue mini skirt. I made a pompom tail, and put a pair of Vanessa's little white tights (she was nearly three) on my head. I stuffed them from hip to knee, so that they would stand up part of their length and then flop over. I gathered up the basket of eggs, both candy and hard boiled, and headed out into the fenced back yard. Whenever I passed a bedroom window, I hopped, just in case Chandra or Vanessa was awake and watching.

I'd been hopping and hiding for about five minutes, when, from across the chain link back fence, I heard a voice.

"Well, hello there, Brother Bunny!"

I spun around in mid-leap.

There was my bleary neighbour, with a basket of eggs and a cigarette, out on a similar errand of her own.

As far as I know, she was the only person to see me that day.

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  1. And I thought I was the only one to do crazy stuff like that! lol
    cute story.