Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Anthonys on Oprah?

The crime message boards following the case of Caylee Anthony are abuzz with the story that George and Cindy Anthony, the grandparents of the victim and parents of the accused, are to be on Oprah.

I've kind of lost faith in Oprah's "hinkey meter," since the debacle with the guy who wrote the self-help book about curing himself of a drug addiction. Can't remember his name, now--I guess his fifteen minutes expired a long time ago.

However, George and Cindy Anthony are still revelling in theirs.

They are in a very uncomfortable position, and have gleaned a lot of sympathy in the months since Caylee "disappeared." Nobody can blame them for being in denial about her murder, or about their daughter's alleged culpability if (and it's a big "if") they really are in denial. Their actions seem to tell a different story.

I can cite you many examples of actions that appear to acknowledge that they know Casey is the killer of little Caylee. The one on my mind right now came out in their latest video depositions; they made no attempt, and did not instruct their employed private detective(s), to find the Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez with whom Casey claimed to have left her daughter.

Chew on that for a while. At that time, they were chasing all over the hemisphere after sightings of children claimed to be Caylee, but they were not trying to track the person their daughter accused of the crime. To me, that says they knew that Casey was lying.

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about Oprah having them on her show. She might be all sympathetic (Nancy Grace has been, and she hates everybody). That would give George and Cindy a national platform to spew their accusations and innuendo. "It could be Jessie," they aver, "or Amy, or some other Zanny." On the other hand, Oprah could rip them apart for the truth. At the least, a huge audience would have a chance to see and evaluate their behaviour for themselves.

They were very defensive, combative, snarky and patronizing in the depositions they just gave in the Civil Suit for defamation that Zenaida Gonzalez filed against Casey.

My only question is this: will Oprah be paying them to be on her show? I don't know how she works. The news shows say they don't pay their guests, but they do pay big bucks for the use of photos.

I hate to see these people make money from this tragedy.

Photo from the Orlando Sentinel (link).


  1. At first I was excited to see that they were actually going to be on Oprah. Then I thought about it, and let's face it, Oprah can definately toss a soft pitch and I think she will be sympathetic.

    Notice they avoided the hard hitters that would knock their asses right out of the ballpark.

  2. I have no doubt that Casey is guilty. However the Zenaida depo and lawsuit is ridiculous. Casey has already said that was not her. Its a fairly common hispanic name. And the depositions themselves had nothing to do with Zenaida.

    I would have been combative too. They were asking questions about the criminal trial. I think that Zenaida's name was mentioned twice maybe.

  3. I have read the transcript of George's depo, and part of Cindy's, and I have watched the last video of Cindy, as well as bits and pieces of George's. I have not had as much time as I would like to peruse these gold mines of misinformation.

    Whether or not these people have done anything actually illegal, they are still some of the most narcissistic and obnoxious people I've ever heard. Cindy, anyway. I think George is co-dependent. Cindy says, "Toe the Koolaid line, or you are out of here."

  4. Enjoyed your post tonight and the comments. I have to admit that no matter how many times I watch Nancy Grace and all the repeats of the depositions--I cannot figure out WHAT is going on with this family.

    But--their creep factor goes up daily with me.

    I do think that there is something pathologically controlling to Cindy--and George seems like he is afraid of his own shadow at times and then "tough-guy"'s it to pretend he is tough.

    IN the meantime I am convinced that Casey did it.

  5. I had quite a bit of sympathy for George and Cindy at first. I found them abrasive, but probably in shock, and I was willing to cut them some slack for that. When people started to hang out in front of their house for the express purpose of harassing them, I was incensed. I understood their expressions of anger at that time.

    However, since then, their actions have been less than stellar.

    From the first audio of the phone call between Casey and Cindy, where Casey is so hard-edged and vicious in tone, Cindy is all placating and walking on eggshells. Huge dysfunction. Rhe mutual unspoken resentment level was astronomical.

    Staying in the Ritzy hotel the night they found out Caylee had been found, and for several nights after, and just generally sitting around while others searched...blaming the police...acting on tips without notifying the police...and don't get me started on the bass boat, "Caylee Marie!" The "SS Caylee Marie," no less. Oh well, I guess if it's good enough for Gilligan! I want to know where the money is coming from!

    Casey and Cindy were two women under one roof, and Caylee was their toy to be fought over. Caylee's murder was Casey winning the game of "keep away."

    The trial is not going to be pretty.

  6. Ronni:

    Does anyone know how old Cindy Anthony is?