Monday, March 16, 2009

Wrongful Death

I can't find a precedent for the filing of a civil Wrongful Death suit before the criminal case has been tried, but the statute of limitations on such a civil suit is two years, whereas there is none in a murder case.

Linda Fisher filed the Wrongful Death suit at the two-year mark after her daughter, Michelle Young, was brutally murdered in her home just outside Raleigh NC.

The DA has been dragging his heels on this murder case, and the investigation continues. It seems obvious to anyone who has followed these cases that the husband is the one responsible, and, indeed, he didn't respond to the civil suit at all, not even through a lawyer. Hence, he was declared to be the SLAYER of his wife before being charged, let alone convicted of the crime.

Today the Judge rules on damages.

The court has recessed for lunch, but not before Detective Spivey stated that, in his opinion, the crime was premeditated.

Update: $15,600,000 damages awarded

Jason Young A No-Show

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