Monday, March 02, 2009

Jumpsuits, Pajamas and Dreams, Oh My

For the most part, when A Cut Above Costumes designs a show, the actors or directors pick up the costumes and return them (cleaned) to the shop.

When I do one on my own, I do it the way I always did before I started working for Ramona. I build or collect the costumes from whatever sources, including the shop, and deliver them to the director. At Strike, I round them all up, check them off on my list, and schlep them to the cleaners and then back to their places.

For "My Bugatti Story," I could not be there at Strike.

Well, honestly--who has a performance at noon on a Saturday?

So, I gave the list of rentals to the director and left her in charge. Now, the problem with that is that director is in charge of everything at Strike, and she probably told the actors to put their stuff in a certain know actors.

The upshot is that a jumpsuit and a pair of black pants went missing. So did the belt to my bathrobe, but that wasn't a rental, so it doesn't matter.

So, last night I'm dreaming about costuming a show, and it's one of those where the costumes get filthy every night and have to be washed. In my dream, I'm loading things up to take to the theater, and I knock two immense pairs of blue jeans into a sink full of water. As I start to wring them out, I realize that I am going to have to put them in the dryer, which is something Ramona never does. As well as the jeans, I am cramming other dripping wet garments into the dryer--including a pair of black dress pants and a jumpsuit. Fortunately, it's a magic dryer, and, even though it's stuffed to the max, everything is dry in a heartbeat. I'm still frantic, because now I'm running late, and I find a pair of green plaid pajamas on the back of the laundry room door that had been forgotten.

At that point, I wake up and cast a bleary eye out the window. Dawn is breaking, and I can tell that Macbeth hath murdered sleep.

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