Saturday, March 21, 2009


I don't usually go on opening night, but Kaye talked me into it. And Mary Ellen, who invited me to a party before, and another one after the show.

So that made three parties, because the show is one for sure.

Ron Watson has paid his dues at The Palace. In the time I have known him he has gone from stage managing to directing mysteries and smaller musicals. Very well, I might add. Tonight, he showed his stuff, and his stuff is great!

There were quite a few new faces at the Palace tonight, including Katie Walther, as Sandy. This lovely lady can rock the rafters! Diego Flores, as Danny, did a wonderful job. Oh, heck. If you want a list, go to the show and get a program.

Three of Jim's past students are in the show: Reid Jernigan, Aaron Simpson, and Michael Fariss. Guys, he would be proud of you. I'm proud of you!

Seeing this is like a step back fifty years. I love "doo wop" music, and this show abounds with it.

The songs and harmonies are lovely and so are the dances. The set is lovely, and the drops, works of art. Are they to be auctioned off like the pic of Shakespeare in the yarmulke from "The Producers?" Barb Jernigan did a fantastic job!

(The costumes are pretty good, too)

The thing about costumes is that they always look better swirling around the stage than they do lined up along the wall in the shop.

Go see this. It is exciting and exuberant.

The Palace


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I have to admit, I was a bit zoned (well, it was paint-brushes DOWN at 3pm with a show call at 6pm)... but yeah, fun!!!!

    Point of Info: The Producers' Shakespeares haven't been auctioned -- but the entire remnants of the set have been rented to Killeen's theatre for their Producers next ... September?
    They picked up the stuff this last week (getting it out of the way of our shed refit). I've been asked to recreate a couple pieces ... er... sometime before they open.

    Back to Grease: I expect the 10x10 'album covers' will go the way of all theatre luaun -- perhaps to be reused (the wood, not the imagery) in Big River.

    Besides, who has walls for 10x10 FOOT paintings?


    That's theatre!

    And don't forget to give a call-out to Steve Williams, who designed the set and did a fair bit if the work hisself. [Well, he DID... and the more thankless bits like the blue and pink squares at the back, and all that mylar, and the turn-knobs... and the assembly of the procenium, along with running all those prints to fill it up... sure, I designed all but two of them, but... credit due where due!)

    ((And the costumes DID rock -- I *loved* the Beauty School Drop Out shiny wraps and curler bee-hives... whoot!))

  2. Ronni, the costumes really looked great. You and Ramona did an awesome job as usual.

  3. I have one wall that would take one...

    Thanks for the info, Barb, and the kind words, Marsha

    It's a very good show!