Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Generic v/s Name Brand

Some things, it just doesn't pay to buy cheap. I guess everyone has favourite brands of household products. With Addy, it was mayonnaise. If it wasn't Hellman's, she didn't want anything to do with it. Jim was fussy about shampoo (though, with all the hair he had, I can't see how it really mattered), and loved his Pantene.

With me, it's tooth glue. Some of y'all may not know, but I have plastic uppers. I've used pretty much every form of tooth glue on the market, and finally concluded that Fixodent is da bomb. Every so often, I get broke, or one of the off brands comes up with a new idea, and I try it. My latest adventure was caused by lack of funds. I am barely recovering from Christmas, and my trips to the store have been for necessities only. I bought a tube of Equate tooth glue. I confess. I was seduced by the fact that the stuff was about half the price of Fixodent.

Big mistake. It holds well for maybe 6 hours, as long as I don't put a lot of stress on it. No beef jerky, no caramels, no smoothies, or anything else that has to be sucked through a straw.

It's a good thing I gave up smoking.

I think this tube will be relegated to emergency stash, and I'm going to get some of the good stuff today.


  1. Keep the bad stuff for weekends.

    While I am with Adda with the Hellmans, I would go with heinz rather than have my teef fall out in front of others.

    But thats just me.

  2. I can't remember the last time I bought mayo! I will skip it entirely...

    The good stuff is on my shopping list, and I'm carrying the other stuff with me, just in case!

  3. Count me in on Hellman's too, although I grew up with it as "Best Foods" (same brand, California name). Kraft will do in a severe pinch. I would rather eat dry bread than touch generic mayo or that vile swill Miracle Whip. ;)

  4. To be honest, to wet the bread I will ALWAYS go with soft slated butter rather than Mayo. But that is not always an option. So Hellman's (Best Foods, I lived out west too)

    Truley I only use kraft in a pinch, and I can never finish the sandwich. You have to have some soft ass bread for me to eat a sandwich without mayo.

    For example I dont need it when I eat Meyers potato bread, but that stuff is LOADED with butter. Makes the best french toast. And any other kind of sandwich without needing mayo or butter.

  5. I am sorry Ronni, I didnt mean to be rude. My Mom has a full plate too. And has since she was young. So I got used to the soft stuff.

    Truly didnt mean to make fun of you. Though I must admit making fun of my mom when she had her plate out and chased down the landscapers next door who was shooting stuff into our woods, then realized and ran back inside.

  6. That made my mom sound crazy.. I have to clarify. She had just done the whole front of the woods with (I forget the plant) and then the landscaper next door blew leaves into her yard and onto her plants. She forgot she didnt have her front plate in.

    She was thourouly embarrassed. But it made us all laugh.

  7. And I agree, butter over mayo ANY day!

  8. About the glue, I have no idea. I just couldn't imagine making a sandwich with mayo. Only butter.

  9. (checking back to see where Melissa was rude)

    (nope, not finding it)

    Throughout my teens, I was pretty sure my mom was stark raving bonkers. It was because she was not the easiest person to live with, and none of my friends had mothers like her.

    She did things like that, though not without her plate.