Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Friends are wonderful, both in real life and on the world Wide Web.

I value mine, very highly, both here and there.

Melissa, I know your heart is in the right place, but I cannot and will not solicit donations to go to the Widows Convention. I appreciate the sentiment, but, no thank you.

There will be another convention at another time, possibly closer to home, that I will gladly attend.

Thank you for your good thoughts and generosity of spirit.

Here is the link to the convention. I hope to hear good things from those who can attend...

Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation


  1. In all fairness, I was soliciting. Not you.

    I wanted you to go. If you cant by any means then please put the original post out and delete my comment.

    I am so sorry to offend. I know all to many people that could benifit.

    I am sorry I pissed you off.

  2. Oh, Melissa, you didn't piss me off. I just can't allow people to think I want their money so I can take a trip.

    I'm sure that the people who do go will be much more helpful than I could ever be.

    I am not offended. As I said, I'm sure there will be another one, closer, that I can go to.

    Please don't think I'm mad, because I'm not.

  3. I think you are mad because you deleted the entire post.

    I wont work for your going because it apparently offended you, but I think it could be good.

  4. I put the link in this post, though. I just can't stand to have my friends think I'm trying to raise money. That's all.

    When Jim died, a lot of extremely generous people helped me keep my house, and bills paid. There is no way I could ask (or allow a friend to ask) for anything else. Ever.

    It will take me several lifetimes to pay that forward!

  5. Its raising money for ALL widows though.

    Not necessarily you.

    I am sorry for offending you, the whole website explains it all.

    Again, I am sorry. I think its a good cause. For those that are lost, those that cant cope etc.

    Never mind, I want my sister to go for one. Its been since 2002 and she has no kids and uses it to be mean. (one of the seminars) Not you!

  6. Ronni,

    There are people that cross your path that are meant to help you. You have to be mindful of that. Everybody knows that you don't ask for a dime, but don't close your mind to gifts that are meant for you, whether you are asking for them or not.

    You've heard the joke about a man praying to win the lottery. Always praying to win the lottery. I can't remember how the joke goes, but essentially God yells at him, "You gotta buy a ticket!"

    There are people in this world that help people and would give their last dime to help people. (You and I have a mutual friend like that.)

    When you give from the heart like that, it brings so much joy to the person who gives. Sometimes it can offend the person giving to have it not accepted. I just wanted you to see it on the flip side. You know I love ya!

    But if God is trying to open windows for you, you're not doing yourself any favors by slamming them shut! We all know you well enough to know you are not walking around asking for hand outs!

  7. My deepest and most heartfelt apology to you, Melissa.

    I did not realize that you were suggesting that people donate to the organization.

    I have been working a lot of overtime and getting really depressed about some research I've been having to do for work.

    Google "Ghetto," by Joshua Sobol, and you'll get the picture. I try not to bring my work home with me, but Ramona can't afford to have me do research on the clock.

    I thought you were asking people to send me money so that I could attend.

    Thank you, and Spring, for straightening me out!

  8. Oh Ronni, you were right. But you wouldnt be the only one that was being sponsored. There is a link on the site for getting sponsored.

    I just really thought you would love to go. It wouldnt necessarily be money from friends, I think it would be money from proceeds from previous conventions like this.

    Its a community.

    I apologize for offending you too.

  9. I'm not offended, just sorry I flew off the handle!