Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are the Walls Closing In On Jason Young?

The investigation has been going on for over two years.

During the night of November 2nd/3rd of 2006, Michelle Young was brutally bludgeoned to death in her bedroom. When she died, her unborn child died with her. Her husband, Jason, was supposedly out of town. Shortly after noon on the 3rd, Michelle's sister retrieved a phone message from Jason, asking her to run by the house and get some papers he had printed out on his computer, before Michelle got home and saw them. They were pictures of Coach purses being auctioned on EBay.

When Meredith got to the house, she found her sister, lifeless on the bedroom floor, so badly beaten and bloody that she couldn't tell what had happened. Cassidy, the Youngs' two-year-old daughter, was chattering at Meredith, obviously glad to have someone to talk to. Her little bloody footprints were around her mother's body, and she was talking to her aunt about getting a washcloth and band aids for Mommy. Her voice is very clear, in the background on the 911 recording.

It has been a strange case. "Complicated," in the words of one of the investigators.

Jason clammed up, lawyered up and has remained uncooperative and silent throughout. Silent. No calls to the police to see how the investigation is going, no answering questions about the crime scene. Nothing.

There has been very little publicity, and the investigation has proceeded at what seems like a snail's pace. A warrant here and there, and that's all we hear.

Late last year, Michelle's mother sued Jason for the Wrongful Death of her daughter, and won. Jason remained silent. Early this year, Michelle's mother and sister sued for custody of Cassidy, and won. Well, Meredith won. Jason retains shared legal custody, but Cassidy will be living with Meredith and weekending with Jason. Still, he remained silent.

There had, up until yesterday, been eighteen warrants returned from searches of the person and property of Jason Young. We have only heard about one for anyone else. Numbers nineteen and twenty were released to the public today. The Probable Cause in each of these warrants has been fascinating reading for those following the case, especially today's.

We knew, from earlier warrants, that Jason had been screwing around. He had at least one other woman convinced she was in love with him. Today, we found out about a couple more liaisons. We have also found out that the man was capable of great anger...the kind that rips doors off their hinges and puts its fist through walls.

We see a sneering email to his wife, saying that their daughter had "pissed her pants all over the floor." In an earlier exchange, when Michelle asks who is picking Cassidy up from day care, he says, "I don't care who gets her." This is while Michelle is at work, and Jason is...not.

This Jason, whose existence I have strongly suspected for a long time, is something of a revelation to people in his home town, to whom he always seemed like such a nice boy.

So. The Wrongful Death suit names Jason SLAYER of his wife. He will never touch that million-dollar insurance policy he took out on her. The Custody Agreement effectively removes Cassidy from his care.

A little over two years ago, this man had what most people want at his age. A decent job, a beautiful wife with a good job, a lovely daughter, a house, two cars, a boat, friends...

Too bad he didn't want it. It's now coming out, via these Search Warrants, that he was boinking anything that would lie down for him, complaining about money, and complaining about Michelle. One of his "other women" even shared her name. No fear, there, of calling one by the other's name!

Even without killing Michelle, he has been exposed as a total pig, who didn't deserve any of it.

I guess he felt he didn't deserve Michelle. Or his son, Rylan.

Now, he has nothing. Declared SLAYER, he is more-or-less unemployable as a pharmaceuticals rep, his chosen field. The house has been sold. The friends have turned their backs. We will find out on Monday the amount he owes Linda in the Wrongful Death suit--I think he can count on being broke for the rest of his life. His daughter will be living full-time with her aunt, come August, and the SLAYER lives in his childhood bedroom at his mother's house.

I wonder if he has to wear his railroad train pajamas.

As Sharon Rocha (mother of another beautiful pregnant woman who fell victim to her husband) said, "Divorce is always an option."


  1. I hope the "walls are finally closing in" on JY. The more that is revealed about him makes me even more convinced he is guilty.


  2. Nice to see you, Anne!

    They are. And he is.

    His childhood bedroom under his parents' roof is a far cry from the lovely house on Birchleaf! And I'm guessing there aren't too many women willing to leave their drawers in that bed!

  3. First I want to say that I enjoy reading your blog. So many things you write about really hit home.

    I have also been following the Jason Young case and I can not believe that he hasn't been arrested yet. I can't imagine what the hold up is.


  4. Hi, Suzy! If I had a nickel fro every time I'd thought that, I could retire!

    Do you read here:

  5. Ronni,

    Yes I read at Scout's site when I want to know what's going on with Jason. I can't take the In Session site, too many idiots over there.


  6. Where's that head-banging icon when you need it! LOL!

    My recent incarnation there (Doorbell) just got reported by Kat for some imagined TOS violation, so I may not be long for the place.

    Thank god for Scout's!