Friday, February 13, 2009


I like living here. This is what the sky looked like maybe ten minutes ago.


  1. What a beautiful sky!
    I just saw a clip of GMA where Drew Pearson's latest is back with him! She says she does not believe he has done anything wrong.
    Her family is very concerned, rightfully so.
    Stupid, gullible girl is putting her kids at risk as well as herself and that is inexcusable.
    Jo Ann

  2. I hope CPS can do something...I'll write something on this later--I'm only home for half an hour or so.

  3. I saw that last night too, beautiful! You have such a gift with photography. So goreoges yesterday and today I'm out watching my son play baseball and FREEZING!

  4. I wanted to be at the top of the bleachers (visitors' side) at Dragon Stadium, but wouldn't have had time to get up there. I just turned on one of the streets across from there and went to the dead end. I had a pretty good view from there. there's a pic of the eastern sky at "ysobel yclept" (

  5. You take great pictures, Ronni. Always do.