Sunday, February 15, 2009


I've been asked what I think of "Octo-Mom."

For a start, I hate the term. It makes her sound as if she is some weird mutation of a sea creature.

I think she's another one who has about half the brains god gave a doorknob.

I have always considered myself to be "pro-choice." Not necessarily "pro-abortion," but definitely "pro-choice."

Still, I prefer educated choice. Considered choice. Intelligent choice.

I usually cringe when I hear of some little pregnant teenager who insists on keeping her baby. I understand that teens can't usually think ahead, and are frequently incapable of making considered decisions. Or of putting the good of another human ahead of their own. Or of comprehending the reality of the long commitment required to raise a child. Sometimes really bad things happen, like Caylee Anthony's premature demise, or Riley Anne Sawyer's.

However, the mother of these children is no teenager. She is a grown woman who already had six children. More than one of them have health issues that require long-term care. Now she has eight more, and, odds are that some of them will have problems, as well. To me, her decision to bear these children appears ill-considered, uneducated and stupid. She didn't just get pregnant and decide to keep the "accidental" babies. She went out of her way to undergo a very expensive procedure to get them. The mind boggles. It is hard to comprehend the level of selfishness required to do that.

To be honest, I hope she gets her reality show, and whatever freebies anyone wants to give her, because I strongly dislike the idea of paying taxes to support her and her brood.

Hers is one choice I can't really support.


  1. As a strong believer in small families, her choices utterly appall me. I not only question her intelligence, I question her mental health. I hope a -big- investigation is done on the doctor who performed this atrocity. Those poor babies are going to be horribly cheated. I admit though, I wish people who could not easily have children would find other paths than infertility treatments. Oh, like say, adopting...or even just accepting their situation with grace. (And now I tuck my soapbox away.) ;)

  2. I finally caught that Dateline episode - or 75% of it.

    That lady definatley has some type of personality disorder. She's also a pathological liar. I can't count how many times she contradicted herself - mostly about her finances and ability to support 14 youngsters. She also denied any cosmetic surgery -- I do wonder when she grew those lips.

    If her portrayal is true, her doctor is 2 bricks shy of a load too. He supposedly chuckled when he saw her return for the upteenth time -- and then procede to implant yet another 1/2 dozen embyroes. I think the state is going to take a long look at his practices.

    My heart aches for these children. With no father in the picture and a looney mother, they will be raised in an institutional-like setting.

    That lady doesn't know enough to know how much she doesn't know!

    PS - I dislike that monikor too -- as much as "tot-mom".

  3. Oh don't get me started on this one! lol(ranting under my breath saying not so very nice things)
    I just think it's disgusting,and the Dr. should be shot! those poor children,that woman has a screw loose. I hope someone smartens up and takes those kids away from her,her own family is fed up wtih her too! omg I'm sorry I'm ranting! it's just that this REALLY got to me.

  4. Where would she find the money to fund this treatment? Did she take it from the money she gets to support the other six?

  5. Mgt, I think I read somewhere that she was either employed at the clinic or had some other "in" there. Her previous six were implanted at the same place.

    I really think the doctor should have some consequences coming. I think they both are in it for the publicity, and neither is thinking of the babies.

  6. She has DEFINITELY had cosmetic surgery. And not just her lips. Her nose too. Its like she went out of her way to look like Angelina Jolie.

    And she is totally wacked.

    That said, I dont see how they can take away the kids if there is no abuse. Some would say that is abuse, and I would be one of those some, however I dont think my opinion would stand legally.

  7. Hi Melissa:

    I agree.

    Strictly speaking, some may not see it as abuse but unless she has an army of people to help her 24/7, her situation will quite quickly fall to neglect. I think most will agree that negligence is abuse.

    In the end, it's both what you do and don't do.

    I really hope the authorities monitor this case very closely so that harm of any nature isn't indentified after the fact. Prevention is paramount.

    Nadya is headmistress of her own institution. God help them all.




  9. Julie, she's a grown woman. Most grown women pay rent somewhere. and, If she tried to find a place that will take 14 kids, the rent is going to be outrageous.

    Paying rent is something we all have to think about, usually BEFORE we have children!

  10. Also, I can see Mom helping out, if she accidentally got pregnant with one child. but to deliberately get pregnant, producing 6, and then another 8, without any visible means of support is just nuts.

    I raised three kids, and am quite comfortable saying "I'm done." If my grown kids want to move back in with me, bringing kids, you're damn right they will pay rent.

    I was a person before I had kids, and I'm a person after I'm done raising them. The are a huge part of my life, but I did not sign on to be looking after them forever.

  11. The more I hear the more IRRITATED I get with the whole thing. This woman can come up with $ to have plastic surgery and fertility treatments yet she gets disablity/welfare/food stamps? OH .. and THEN has 8 more? I guess she just knows how to 'work' the 'system'. I know people who are struggling EVERY DAY to keep a roof over their kids heads and food in their stomachs and they don't get help .. they have JOBS .. their children have to go to daycare .. not because the parent(s) love them less .. just because they have a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for their children. JUSSTTT SSOOOO IIRRREESPONNSIIBLLE.

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  13. Anonymous, I have deleted your huge comment. That's bigger than a blog entry, never mind a comment.

    If you want to rant on and on, I heartily recommend you start your own blog.


  14. As a single mother myself, this woman just infuriates me. I bust my buns every day working 40 hours a week, taking evening courses at college, don't get child support and raise my daughter on my own. I pay my own rent, bills et al. You don't see me screaming for a hand out or a reality show. My brother and his wife can't have children because she had cervical cancer...they are having difficulty adopting because he is military, yet on a whim this woman can bring 14 kids into the world when she can't even take care of her self...GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I'm with you, Mija!

    By the way, I hope you didn't think I thought of you when I sad that about teen moms.

    You, my friend, are the cat's pajamas!

  16. Oh, like say, adopting...or even just accepting their situation with grace. Who ever wrote this obviously knows nothing about the fertility world. It's a shame that this woman gave the fertility world a bad name, It's a shame I am a hard working married woman who wants nothing more than to have a child to love. I have tried ther adoption route which brought me nothing but heartache when bio mother changed her mind. I will not accept that I can not have children obviously you have never been in this sitation or you wouldn't say those things. This woman is not a good representation of the people who are out there doing fertility treatments with the hope of having atleast one child not a brood like her.

  17. I would not like to conclude anything "obviously" about anyone who leaves a comment here. You are not allowed to attack people posting here for their opinions. You are welcome to express yours.