Monday, February 02, 2009


Guilty Verdict in "Baby Grace" Trial

From the article:
The jury of seven women and five men deliberated for only a couple of hours today before reaching their verdict. The judge is expected to announce the sentence tonight, which could be life in prison. Jurors won't deliberate punishment because the decision was made not to seek the death penalty in this case.

They said they weren't seeking the death penalty because they weren't sure they could convince a jury that the Kimberly Trenor would be an ongoing threat to society.

I don't understand this at all. She might not be a threat to you or me, personally, but she is for sure an ongoing threat to any child she might have, or who might be unfortunate enough to come into contact with her and her strange ideas of discipline.

Read this, if you have a strong stomach. It's a journal entry our sweet Kimmy wrote about her "spoiled brat" daughter, who wouldn't clean up after herself when she made a mess, and wouldn't stand in a corner when Kimberly took her eyes off her.

If you do have the stomach to read the journal pages, be prepared to get very, very angry.

Note to Kimberly Dawn Trenor: your daughter was TWO YEARS OLD! What the hell is the matter with you? Didn't anyone give you a book about what to expect as your baby grows up? Jesus H Christ on a raft! You are ONE SICK BITCH!

I'd sure like to have five minutes with you and a really good leather belt!

What a poor excuse for a human being!


  1. I just read it and I think I'm gonna barf.

  2. Just finished reading it.

  3. I've been shaking and crying, and had to go look at pictures of kittens and puppies and bunnies for a while.

  4. OMG.

    That woman is a MONSTER.

    Riley was TWO YEARS OLD!

    Have a good time in prison, you horrid bitch!

    I couldn't even read it all, I had to stop when she started beating Riley with a belt. What kind of monster beats a TWO YEAR OLD with a belt, FFS?

  5. Beats a child TO DEATH with a belt, according to the journal.

    In court, it sounded as if Kimmy Dawn and her ere-lovin' Royce went on a combined punishment spree, involving drowning, strangling, beating, and finally, Royce threw Riley down on a tile floor, fracturing her skull in several places.

    Regardless of how Riley's death was accomplished, these two don't deserve to breathe air.


  6. That letter makes no sense. How did the boyfriend get indicted if that was her story?

    Was that a coerced confession?

  7. Apparently, she wrote it all down at the time. The entire journal was submitted as evidence, but this entry was not singled out, according to the article linked.

  8. This seriously made me sick to my stomach. I just... I can't comprehend it. What kind of psychopath beats a little girl with a belt, while telling her to stop crying and screaming????? I think someone should beat that twisted b*tch with a belt til she's black and blue from head to toe, and tell her to 'stop crying and screaming'. If this woman isn't the poster child for the death penalty- I don't know who is.

  9. Meanwhile HE has a journal saying she isnt responsible. Well a suicide note as well.

    After looking into it today it seems as though she WAS beating her with a belt. But he didnt think she was doing it good enough. So they both stayed home that day so he could show her how to do it right.

    No less a breathtaking evil crime. Actually worse. But that letter still makes no sense to me.

    Were they trying to make retarded defenses for themselves by each putting in writing taking the blame?

    Nothing in the crime meshes with that letter. Except for MAYBE she held her until the baby turned cold. Though I am leaning more towards the purple towel was just laid over Riley until they got the "coffin"

    While I dont believe in the death penalty and NEVER will. I would have easily killed the both of them if I had witnessed this evil.

    I do believe the non-mom was talked into doing this, and went along. (still deserves LWOP) Despite the non-mom's abuse, there is NO excuse.

    Next up, the step-dad.

  10. When does his trial start, Melissa?

  11. Not soon enough. From what I can see he is still in jail and no definite trial date set.