Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Early Morning Musings

A Memory Foam mattress pad is a wonderful thing.

If you toss the comforter over it when you get out of bed in the middle of the night, it retains it's warmth while you visit the bathroom, feed the cats and clean up the mess that one of the cats made throwing up all over your antique Lane chest. After going through all that, you can crawl back into a nice warm bed.

On a cold evening, the surface of the pad feels like corrugated cardboard. The instant you lie down on it, it softens and molds to your body in a way no other mattress can.

Best $109 I ever spent!


  1. Suundslovely! The bed I loved most was my waterbed- warm and squooshy-nso nice- the beds here are hard, cold, and clean, but have the sdvantage of adjustable height. I can't get out of the bed at home -too kow- and can;t get into this one0 too high- but I can sit on this and lower it- much more convenient!

  2. I still have about 3.5 hours to go today, Ronni. No more talking about comfy beds, please.

    I have the mattress from hell....once I have the new digital tv, I will get a new mattress. Priorities, you know. LOL

  3. Thanks for getting back so quick, that was interesting. Hmmm, Scotland.

    Delete at will....

  4. In the Summer, of course, Mgt! LOL!

    I want to go to Inverness. And Glasgow. That would about cover it, I guess...

    Mare, I liked my waterbed, too, but this is much better for my aging bones!

  5. My waterbed was good for my back- and Hubby;s too maybe because it was consistantly warm. I have been to Inverness and Edinburgh, missed Glasgow. I loved them.
    I am a Kerr on the Scottish side of the family- hubby is sorta a Buchanan Thomas being a sept thereof.

    I have relatives all over.

  6. I bought a feather top for my mattress -- awesome!

    I also have an electric matress pad - probably not something you'd need in Texas but a "must have" in the north Atlantic!

    Due to fibromyalgia & other related conditions, the comfort of my bed is extra important to me. I spend more time there than I would like.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more. I honestly think you could put a memory foam on a slab of concrete and it would feel like a Pillow Top Serta. I only wish I had gone with bought the 3 inch instead of the 1.5 or whatever we got.....My mom also bought us some new sheets for Christmas and since I put those on I feel like I'm sleeping on a nice warm cloud. The first night after I put the new sheets on we had a long discussion about how comfy we both felt in the bed. I could never go without the memory foam now. The kids want one, too. I need to splurge and get them one. Sleep is important!

  8. I have a memory foam/feather top. Wait, HAD it. I will never ever be rid of all the feathers. Sigh... And every time the cat goes under there he gets them all over himself. I think he rolls in them. And I cant get them with the vacuum. They fly fly away.

    I need a new one though. Once you have slept on one a plain old mattress FEELS like concrete.

  9. I bought a memory foam top 5-6 years ago,couldn't do without it now! lol and your right it does retain your body heat!