Sunday, December 07, 2008

Terror At 5:00 A M

Last night, I tottered off to bed around midnight, after realizing that the episode of "Forensic Files" I had just watched was one I had seen a week ago. I was sleepy and didn't even read--just crawled into the space between the memory foam and the down comforter and commenced snoring.

Several snores later, I started awake at hearing a loud voice proclaiming a cure for back pain. It can be GONE, GONE, GONE!!

I sat up so fast, my back started to hurt!

The culprit? Gladys. Gladys likes to sit on top of the TV.

Due to some sort of design flaw, the power, volume and channel buttons are ON THE TOP of the TV. ON THE TOP, where walking cats can turn it on, change the channel, and turn up the volume, all in one fell swoop.

So, while a cure for back pain reverberates around my living room, and the cat is cowering on the coffee table, I am awake.

I am awake, and not happy about it. The only good thing about waking up at five o'clock on a Sunday morning is that "Front Page" is on Turner Classic Movies. I might as well stay up and enjoy it, as I'm fixing to cancel all the extra channels.

I can no longer afford Turner Classic Movies, ESPN, CNN, TruTV, The History Channel and all that other good stuff, so I'm cutting back the cable to the bare bones.

Are there infomercials on network TV?


  1. Sounds like you need Pirate TV... On another note, I'm glad that you enjoyed the show. It looks like we are sold out for the rest of the run, and Andy is already almost out of programs. I'm guessing people just want to escape and laugh with the world in the state that it's in these days.

  2. So. Who is "Anthony?"

    I did enjoy the show, and I'm glad it's sold out for the rest of the run!

  3. OMG that was though I'm sure you didn't think so. Cats are famous for things like that! And I watch Forensic files too..I was watching it at 2am!
    As for infomercials..I find them so annoying,and yes I think they do have them on network. I'm considering getting basic cable too,I can't believe how expensive it is.

  4. Cable TV; what's that? (snort)

    God, Ronni, I bet you have at least 12 new white hairs after that. I can totally identify though. Our newest kitty, just over 1 year old, turns on my clock radio by stepping on the button right after she finishes half of my nightly glass of ice water. It's just her way of saying, "Bonkers was here!"

  5. So sorry you feel you need to cut back on your channels, Ronni. I only have "terrestrial" TV in my room. BBC1, BBC2, ITV (Scottish) Ch4, and Ch5.

    It is enough for me, because I can watch anything that is interesting. My daughter needs "entertainment" shows.

    Hope you are well....

  6. Aidan won't like coming to see Grandma so much, now that I will not longer have Cartoon Network. I warned Brendan about losing ESPN and such.

    I wish they would put up a flexible package, where a person could just get the channels they really want, and skip the hundred or so that they never watch.

  7. You should shop around. We have something like that on our Sky package. Different packages, which must suit most people, as not everyone wants sport.

  8. Problem is, we have only the one cable provider in the area. I think they do some sort of deal, because most areas have only one cable company. I could get satellite, but that's just as expensive.

    The cable company does offer different packages, but I've got the cheapest one that has all the channels I wanted. It also has a couple of hundred that I don't want. Who needs a dozen shopping channels? I don't even need one!

    So my only option is to go to what they call "basic" service, which doesn't include digital, and shows only local channels. However, one can't get clear reception on most local channels without cable. Antennae on the roof, or rabbit ears coated in foil, are a thing of the past.

    The good news is that this no-frills cable deal is very cheap.

  9. Wow! I still have all the channels I like! Damn...if I'd known I could get all these for $20/month, I'd have cut it back a long time ago!

  10. I hope you kept TruTV--I TiVO the trials during the day and watch them at night (usually sleep through most of them)--but the legal process is so fascinating. As it the messes that people find themselves in.

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  12. Yipee, Ronni! Glad you still have your favourite channels.

    Have a good night.

  13. I found a new blog you might like ;-)