Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Stove

Thanks to a very generous friend, I now have a working oven, at a very good price and teeny monthly payments.

This bodes well for the New Year!


  1. Now that's a pretty stove! Love the stainless steel.

  2. It's much nicer than the one I had!

  3. You're not honestly expecting us to believe that like your new oven better than your vintage harvest gold are you?

    No accounting for taste! :-)

    It's a real beauty, Ronni -- the black top really sets it off nicely. As said previously, all my small appliances are stainless with black accents but I could really "warm up" (pardon the pun") to having that in my kitchen.

    A fridge, however, it another matter -- unless it had some features to take away from the commercial look of plain stainless -- perhaps a drink/ice dispenser inset on black.

    No doubt I could find something I liked - haven't had the need to look -- the priest was moving into an assisted living home and sold us his 6 month old fridge for $200 -- retailed for about $900 (bought by the parishioners) - he "threw in" a really neat retro bedroom set & other odd & ends for another $35.

    The bed has metal head & foot boards with really quaint color designs on it. The dresser, bureau & side table are not high quality but complete the "look". Number 2 son got first dibs on them. I added a nice quilt set & a floor mat & he stepped back several decades.

    Of all the neat things we got -- including a really unusual cigarette/magazine/telephone stand, the wooden back-scratcher was hubby's favorite treasure -- said that alone was worth $235.

    Happy cooking/baking!



    It looks awesome! Now get to cookin!! lol

  5. There's no retirement home for priests?

    Still, it sounds like you lucked out, Kontiki!

    Melissa, it's a reflection of a cat. The dryer is where I have to watch out for cats, and I used to have one that crawled into the dishwasher if I were silly enough to leave it open.

  6. HA! I knew that lol. I was kidding.

  7. Ah, yes. The old cat in the dryer trick. I remember it well.

  8. Father Roddie, who is 85, did live in the Glebe House for many years but with his declining health, the new assisted living center seemed a better option. I imagine he could have received the necessary care had he moved to the capital city across the island but he has a lot of relatives locally.

    The funny thing is that my sister-in-law (his niece by marriage) was needing a new fridge but she told me it was 6 feet high and she didn't want to have to cut her cupboards. She knew my fridge was woefully too small (and leaking) and that I was prepared to alter the cupboard above if need be.

    The thing is, it fit perfectly - the fridge was only about 5 1/2 feet high -- much to my sister-in-law's chagrin. She was a good sport about it though as she did the original measuring!

  9. Nice stove... now lets see some fancy smancy baking!