Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Official. It's Caylee


ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday afternoon that the remains found more than a week ago near the Anthony home are Caylee Anthony.

Investigators from the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the medical examiner made the annoncement together at a news conference at the sheriff’s office.

I have no words. We knew this in our hearts, but it still hurts to hear confirmation.

Poor baby. May she rest in peace.


  1. Precious, sweet soul.

    It is incomprehensible to me how anyone could harm a child - much less the person who carried her under her heart for 9 months.

    As horrible as it is to even contemplate, what thoughts "allowed" her to do this to her child?

    I guess the narcissistic mind is a treasure trove of the unknown and deeply perplexing.

    Slumber softly, sweet Caylee!

  2. For all of us who have felt like killing our kids once in a while, BUT DIDN'T...the skank needs to fry!

  3. I am still undecided about this. I DO think she killed her. But I also think she may have done it accidentally while doping her with chloroform and then panicked.

  4. If it's not a crime to dope your child so you can party, it should be. And, if a person is killed during the commission of a crime, it should be considered murder.

    Some states have that rule, but I don't know if Florida is one of them.

    I hope she gets LWOP. In the general population. It won't be a long sentence.

    I really don't care whether or not it was accidental. the child is dead, and Casey did it. Period. There is no Zanny-the-nanny, no random kidnapping...Casey got tired of being a mommy.

    If the reported duct tape around Caylee's skull it true, then it's a lead pipe cinch.

  5. Oh I agree with that part! Totally LWOP. It is murder. But was it deliberate? Casey is obviously a nutcase.

    And by that I dont mean in the Andrea Yates way, where she is CRAZY and should have been in the hospital way before those kids were hurt in the first place.

    I mean in the spoiled narcissist believes her own lies way.

  6. This girl was googling broken necks. I really don't think it was accidental.

    She wanted to kill her child before she had that fight with Cindy. She is an uncaring beast.