Saturday, November 01, 2008

Post-Halloween Gross-Out

This is my kitchen floor, after I picked up all the broken glass and the other contents of the cupboard.

This mess continues around the perimeter of my entire house, with the bathroom, especially the tub, worse, even, than this.

There is spatter up the fronts of the cupboards, almost all the way to the counter.

It's like somebody snuck into my house last night, and filmed a remake of "Carrie," or whatever movie it was in which blood rained down from the ceiling.

I heard some scuffling during the night, but didn't get up, figuring it was the armadillo, and it would go away come morning.

Apparently, the thing tried to get into one of the cupboards, and pulled out a bowl full of miscellaneous shot glasses I had in there, smashing them to smithereens. It then got cut on the broken glass, and, in pain and panic, tore through the house, looking for an escape.

I guess it forgot it came in through the cat door, about twelve feet from the mess it made in the kitchen. It had to run through the entire house before it finally found it and left.

So, now, I've gone from plotting ways to get rid of my unwanted guest, plots involving live traps and relocation, to feeling sorry for it and hoping it is all right.

This is a lot of blood, and it's not tracked, it's these little thin lines, like it was spurting, or something.

I have the kitchen cleaned up, now, but the rest of the house requires another pot of coffee.

I've been giving it treats--whey did it have to make such a mess?


  1. Okay, now I'm worried about disease. Call the animal control.

  2. They are not going to come out on a Saturday for a wounded armadillo. It has probably gone underground. I've never known armadillos to be prone to rabies or other infectious diseases. Except for the digging-up-the-garden thing, they are really pretty harmless. As long as they stay outside, where, IMO, they belong!

  3. Awww, poor Diillyo.

    And poor Ronni for the bloody mess!

    Not sure what animal control can do since they are nocturnal animals and I am sure they wont be waiting around for late night for it to come for its nightly visits. But the safe trap would likely be the best bet. They CAN provide you with the trap, and will come and pick up Dillyo once you have him.

    They did that for my parents when they had a squirrel invasion in their attic.

    BTW, sqirrels are MUCH meaner than armadillos. They attack, whereas I have never heard of a armadillo attack. They are just kinda ugly.

  4. Actually, I think they are cute! In a prehistoric sort of way.

    Not very cuddly, though...

  5. So put baby locks on your cabinets! And Welcome Mr. Dillyo!

    Seriously, I dont know what I would do. We have possums, which are ugly, but they generally dont invade.

    Maybe keep a bowl outside for Dillyo? Snacks without invasion?

  6. But, I don't want to feed the tomcat! There is a rule in this town that, if you feed a stray cat, it becomes your legal responsibility...

  7. Yeah, I hear you. My crazy neighbor feeds a stray, and lets him into her apartment to do it.

    Flea infestation in the carpet leading up to MY apartment has been an ongoing issue. She complained that my cat is responsible even though the only time he goes outside is when he goes for grooming or for shots.

    When its cold she lets him stay in the staircase, which I think is MINE since she is downstairs and has no need for using the stairs.

    Fortunately the complex management sides with me on this one since everyone around watches her and they know she lets the feral cat inside. And I have no fleas in my apartment. (due to me spraying the top and a towel at the base of my door)

    Now there is an issue of her complaining about a smell in the staircase. Which there is, and it should be ME complaining. She lets an unfixed male feral cat into the area guess what happens?

    My ex boyfriend fed feral cats too, but he also trapped them and had them fixed at his own expense. That smell is just too much. So he did his duty.

    I wish more people know that if you feed a wild animal that they will come back.

    I have another friend who bought a house which had a sign that said "bear run". She got rid of the sign, but it took about 5 years for her to get rid of the bears that the former owner thought was awesome to feed. Garbage EVERYWHERE!

    Thank God that the Northeast has Black Bears instead of the Grizzley's because that could be major dangerous.

  8. Morris the Moose is looking better & better everyday ---- despite his massive "dumps".