Monday, November 24, 2008

Garbage Truck Rant

...So I am awakened this morning by the unmistakable sound of the trash truck grinding its way down the street. I look at the clock, and it's not even 8:00 AM!

In our neighbourhood, the trash truck never comes before 10:30, and frequently doesn't show up until late in the afternoon.

They pick TODAY to come early. TODAY, when my trash can is full of litter box contents and the detritus from beneath Brendan's bed. TODAY, the Monday before Thanksgiving. Guess what day they are supposed to come, next? Yup. Thursday. Got it in one. My trash can is going to be exuding noisome fumes until NEXT MONDAY.

Even I don't expect them to show up on Thanksgiving Day!

I never put the garbage out the night before. Too much opportunity for roving dogs. This area doesn't have a huge problem with dogs, but somebody's gets out sometimes. We all know how dogs consider the contents of the litter box to be tasty morsels.

That's my excuse for not putting it out last night, and I'm sticking to it.

Our cold snap seems to have ended, as it's warmer this morning than it has been during the day for the past week. Nothing like temps in the 60s and 70s to spread the noxious odour.

My neighbours are going to love me more than they already do.

Thank you SO MUCH, Round Rock Refuse.

Don't expect a Christmas packet from me.


  1. We can't put our garbage out the night before because raccoons come out of the sewers and get into it. We live in the city and the raccoons in the sewers seriously get bigger than they do out in the country. It's really funny to see them try and shimmy their way back into the sewer grate and their fat little rears are getting stuck. It is frustrating to not get the garbage out in time though. We have three cats, so I can sympathize with what it's like to have it sit for another week.

  2. Our garbage is quite secure when it is placed inside the wheel-bins.

    There is always someone who is too lazy to open the lid, therefore they decide to dump their rubbish on the ground next to the bin. Then out come the foxes and rip the bags open and scatter the contents. It's infuriating.

    BTW, I woke up at 6:30 to the sound of gritting trucks. Lovely! Why didn't they just do it last night?

  3. Our garbage gets picked up before 7 AM sometimes. The only critters digging in it are the tweaker dumpster divers. That ticks me off, and I yell at them.

    Anything that can be used for identity theft is shredded before it goes out.

  4. One of the ONLY benefits of living in a garden apartment complex (aka prison complex)

    DUMPSTERS! You can take out your garbage at any time, and not care about the vermin (though the bears trying to get in was interesting from a window view)

    Though they are loud as hell too when you are sleeping.

  5. Harmless bears! They are scared by CATS! Black Bears are generally non dangerous!

    Racoons are more prone to attack than them.

    Though I do say that from a window view lol. And an avid member of the anti bear hunt every fall.


    Check that out!

    That is about 15 miles from me. Poor bear is an infamous wuss.

  7. Wow, Melissa, that make our little foxes sound tame. Good grief, bears?

  8. Mgt, did you check the URL? It's a really cool picture of a beat waaaaay up a tree, and a cat sitting at the bottom, looking at it.

  9. Nadine, your "tweakers" form a shadowy subculture that lives on the zombies, in a way. Frightening, really.

  10. Oh, for Pete's sake, that is really funny. That bear is actually afraid of cat? How brave is that cat, though!

  11. LOL tasty morsels huh? my sister calls them cat crunchies! lol
    our garbage has to go out the night before, they come between 4am and 6 am here!

  12. If ours came at that ungodly hour, I'd switch rooms to the one at the back of the house!