Friday, November 21, 2008


OK. The weather man had been saying all week that a norther was going to blow through last night. Thing is, for some reason, I thought it was coming AT NIGHT, not at five-freakin-pee-em, while I was at work.

So, when I left at six, the top of the Miata was already too stiff to put up by myself.

So here we have morning, and it's 37° F out there, and I have to drive to work with the top down.

I shouldn't be complaining--when the top got slashed, Jim stuck duct tape on it. That totally embarrassed me, and I would go everywhere with it down, despite the weather (unless it was raining, of course).

I have a hat, scarf, coat, and can set the heater to blow on my hands. I don't have any driving gloves.

People will look at me funny.

What else is new?


  1. We have the same temperatures here just about every morning, Ronni. Mostly, accompanied by rain. Walking to the bus stop on either side is pure misery.

    I hope you don't catch a chill. I've been struggling with a niggling cough for months.

  2. Is there no one who can help you put the top up?

  3. Ramona helped at lunch. It's up now.

  4. It is the same temperature in Austin as in New York City!! That is amazing.

    Hope you had the heater up on high for the ride to work.

    What a great story.