Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh. My. God.

This guy...

...called me "The Old Witch," at the theater Friday night.

He showed up at the theater on Opening Night, wanting to volunteer.

I got huffy with him, and wouldn't let him go backstage where people were changing clothes.

A few days later, he was back there again; just walked in while several of the girls were in the process of getting into costume. I asked him to leave, and I was not very polite about it.

At last night's performance, he was in the courtyard with one of the actors, and said,

"Look out! We better behave ourselves! Here comes The Old Witch."

I am livid.

He told us his name was Timothy Michael Ruff, but that was a lie. His real name is Kenneth Leland Ruff. If that's not his real name, he is claiming to have written a dissertation under it. We have found the dissertation, or at least a reference to it, on line.

Does this look like the same person?


  1. So he's a pervert AND a liar.

    Just the kind of person you want to have around there. And so attractive, too.


  2. Is this him?

  3. If it is, it's an old picture. He has less hair and it's more grey.

  4. JT keep the hinky meter going somethings not right i can feel it to .......breeze

  5. Yuck!!! Really -- more than a little scary! I'm sorry you had *any* close encounters with such a, ummm, person.

  6. Hmmmmm .. let me see.

    The second pic is too small to see if he has the same heart-shaped bulbous nose.

    What a sicko-putz!

    On a lighter note, Ronni .. you've now added to your list of "aka's" .. you scourge, old witch & whineybabypissypants .. or something like that:)

    I've read back on your recent posts .. your dreams & "sensations" of Jim are quite interesting. I was distressed by the depression capture .. hope they are few & far between. I believe in things we cannot explain ... I also think that dreams are a view to our subconscious.

  7. Do a search on the sex offender registry..

    Let me know if you draw any conclusions....I did but want to know if you did the same...

  8. The only conclusion I can draw is that he's not on the list under that last name or several variations of it.

  9. I thought Tim Ruffu could be the same the photo about 11-12 years, add alot of weight and a receding hairline...or maybe I'm just looking too hard! :)

  10. If that is not him from an earlier age it must be a twin or younger sibling. He has exactly the same hairline, which is unusual and telling. That little bit of a curl towards the front by his temples is not the usual baldness pattern in men. ...tls

  11. At first, I didn't think that was him, when one of my readers found and posted the link to the MeetUp. However, the more I look at the picture, the more I agree with you. The meetup profile was posted last year, but the picture must be a lot older than that. He says he's 62.

  12. Did he name any shows he was in? Neither looks like anyone I know. As far as I know I thought the
    board took it upon themselves to run off the trash.

  13. If he contacted the board first, I wouldn't know, not being on it any more. As far as I know, he just showed up at the theater and talked about his vast experience and education. His dissertation is a comparison of theater programs in two- and four-year colleges.

    He knew Hamilton's name, but was very vague and "don't remember-"ish about any sort of specifics.

    I left a message on the MeetUp profile, but haven't been answered yet.

    Betty, I could not stare him down! He could maintain a challenging eye contact forever, until I had to run for an entrance or something.

    He is TOTALLY creepy.

  14. Hi Ronni,
    So now you are an old witch huh? lol
    Join the crowd! lol I've been called a witch, and alot worse!
    You know the old verse "sticks and stones"...
    The man looks like a real creep!
    Gave me the shivers.
    Tack care. HUGS! Terri

  15. He crept out everyone.

    I can only think that he must have contacted the Board, and snowed them on paper with his dissertation and all, and was told to come up to the theater. The director must have been told that he was cool.

    I didn't get the message.