Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cul de Sac

Minni Miata parked outside Kaye's house.


  1. So much sunshine! We are having appalling weather and only have Winter to look forward to. Sigh!

  2. An announcer on our local PBS radio station said yesterday that, here in Texas we have two seasons: Summer and Not Summer, and, of the two, he preferred Not Summer.

    In May, we had days of over 100 F. This is the first time it's been below 90 during the day, and below 70 at night since then.

    The night following the day I took that picture, I had to close the window because it was chilly.

    Not Summer is my preferred season, too.

  3. I also prefer Not Summer. To clarify, the Not Summer before it starts raining all the time, because that can get old too.

    It's just starting to not be 90 degrees every day here, and 50's at night. Relief!