Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Proposal

Ramona got a call today, from a man with an unusual request.

She told me what he wanted. He wanted to rent a suit of armour, in which to propose to his girlfriend.

Before he arrived at the shop, we were speculating about whether or not he was Knight In Shining Armour material.

We were bowled over when he walked in the door.

He is well over six feet tall and slender, with blond curly hair and nice features, only slightly obscured by a scruffy beard. In short: a hunk.

He tried on the armour, which is plastic, and made sure he could get down on one knee. While he was paying for his suit of armour, he told us that he was going to rent a horse, as well. A white horse. Ramona asked if he was an experienced rider, and he said he was.

He rented the entire suit--breastplate, greaves, thigh covers, helmet, upper arm covers, gauntlets.

I am just praying he's the stand-up guy he appears to be, and has no plans involving champagne and strawberries.


  1. In spades.

    The life of a costumer is rarely boring!

  2. Some girls have all the luck!

  3. WOW! That's pretty impressive. Lucky girl.

  4. Well if she doesn't say yes, I WILL!