Saturday, September 06, 2008

Git a Rope!

Channel 6 Orlando News Story
"You are all big and bad to kill a baby, but you can't come out and face us," a protester yelled when police arrived.

"You people hold signs that mean nothing, and you know nothing about," another person in the crowd yelled.

Several neighbors said they are fed up with the chaos the case has brought to their neighborhood.

"We have been putting up with this for six weeks," a neighbor said. "My kid can't play outside, and we can't leave the house without people trying to run us over."

Some people said they refuse to leave the Anthony house or neighborhood until Casey Anthony is returned to jail.

"We are going to be here every night until she comes out (with the truth)," protester James Harris said.

You know what? I don't care who you are, or who Casey Anthony is, this is just WRONG. How can people possibly think it's all right to stand outside a person's house and scream at them? Accusing them of things with which they are not even charged, and of which they have not been convicted?

Personally, I think Casey did something to Caylee, whether by accident, or with malice aforethought. I can express that opinion, and frequently do. That's a far cry from going to her house, waving signs and yelling "Baby killer!" at her. This is a mob mentality. What happens next? Will they be demanding to drag her out of the house and string her up? Where is John Wayne when we need him?

If nothing else, these gangs of demonstrators are rekindling the spark of sympathy for this family that their behaviour has all but snuffed out.

...Now, there's a thought. Maybe the Anthonys have hired these folks in order to get the public and the ACLU on their side!

I think all those people should go home and rest, and, in the morning, go down and join the search for that baby.


  1. If she did it, she will be caught. I agree with you, the lynch mob needs to go. For nothing else but they are disturbing the peace of neighbors.

  2. It's a freaking circus, and it's disrespectful.

  3. Now, in Britain, we wouldn't hear about the forensics in a case. That would be saved for the trial. Disclosing information definitely stirs up a frenzy.

    The police should move them on. Period.

  4. As long as they are in a public area and not blocking traffic, I think it's legal for them to be there.

    Therefore, the police can't move them on. The ACLU would get involved, and it would be an even bigger mess.

  5. I agree they need to leave her alone and I too think she did something to that innocent baby. She will get her justice if not here then in an afterlife, but she will be judged one day! Not by the protesters either.