Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There is No Joy in Mudville

Here is the latest from WFTV, Channel 9. Another life trashed by the skank.

Is there anyone in Florida Casey Anthony hasn't laid?

I know it's not nice for a police officer to lie to his boss, but, I swear to God, I wouldn't want to own up to it, either!

Hope he went to the doctor...

After struggling through four hundred and thirty pages of discovery released yesterday, I am forced to conclude that the girl has no socially redeeming qualities whatsoever.

One of the things mentioned in the discovery is that, at some point during her pregnancy, Casey told a friend that she wanted to put her baby up for adoption. The friend, unable to have children of her own, said that she would like to adopt Casey's baby. Casey later returned to tell her friend that Cindy (Casey's mother) wouldn't let her give the baby up.

If that's true (and who knows...the bitch lied about everything else), Cindy must be regretting her interference. I hope. Just think, Cindy...that lovely child could be alive and loved right now, if you could have resisted your attempt to turn your daughter into something for which she hasn't the heart. "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," was one of my mother's little maxims, and I've never had such a good chance to apply it.

One of my very own maxims is, "only people who want children should have them." Why is this so difficult to understand? Casey obviously had the right instincts, but Mommy had to have the last word.

Why could Casey not have just...left? there are still places that look after pregnant girls and help them with placement of their babies. All she would have had to do would be tell Cindy she was over 18 and outta there.

I guess she was afraid that the pipeline would dry up. I don't know why--she had sex for drugs, for affection, for a place to stay. Why not make some real money at it? She may not have been a whore, but she might as well have been. She is a skank, a slut, a liar and a thief...and possibly a killer. How much lower could she sink?

Do we really want to know?

Whichever Padilla posted bond is now saying that, if he'd seen the discovery first, he might not have done so.

That has to hurt.

Casey told her friends that her parents' marriage was on the rocks and her dad was cheating on her mother. That has to make for cozy dinners on Hopespring Lane. Not only that, but she also bragged that her parents were going to move out and give her the house!

Casey also told her friends that she had $15K in the bank, a job at Universal Studios, and a nanny.

She has led police on several wild goose chases. She stole money from her parents and friends.

It is my opinion that Caylee is dead, and I'm still holding out for death by neglect, not by deliberate murder.

I am an optimist, and always try to see the best in people.



  1. There would at least be SOME remorse if Caylee had died accidentally.

    There isn't. She is still thinking of number one and number one only.

    Unfortunately, we will never know the truth. After all this time, cause of death will be hard to determine.

  2. Provided, of course, that she is ever found.

  3. Yes, you're right. Poor little, precious soul. This bi*ch makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. She gives skanks a bad name.

  5. Hi Ronni And Mgt, it gets stranger by the day, and still no little Caylee.

    Well written Ronni.