Monday, August 18, 2008

News In the Michelle Young Case

Read this story, and click on the link to the warrants themselves. The Probable Cause is the same for all three, so you just need to read it on the one, but there is an inventory of items collected on two of them.

Some of it is quite interesting, and I would quote, but they are in PDF format, which seems to resist copying and pasting. This is from the article:

The warrants, unsealed Monday, also show police found DNA evidence belonging to Jason Young in blood spatter at the crime scene and bloody shoe prints on a pillow there inside the couple's home at 5108 Birchleaf Drive.

The prints on the pillow appear to be from two different shoes, fueling the "Jason Is Innocent" crowd at In Sessions and their rumors that there were two killers.

The search warrants also include receipts for shoes consistent with one of the prints, and a print in the stain on the deck that "appeared to be similar in design" to the blood print on the pillow.

Now, the pictures of the house from when it was listed with a real estate company showed that the deck had not been stained in a long time, so IF Jason stained the deck, he must have done it right after he and Michelle bought the house. The shoe receipt is from 2005.

The Franklin shoe has a "10" on the sole, and the Hush Puppy in the receipt is a 12. I'm thinking that the Franklin athletic shoes run larger than the Hush Puppies.

A few other interesting things:

Jason's DNA was found on the wall near Michelle's body.

One DNA swab was collected from an area sixteen inches from the floor and seven inches from the frame of the door to Jason Young's closet. The area, which was in close proximity to the victim, and surrounded by what appeared to be blood spatter, was described as a possible print. Due to its location and the reasonable belief that it was in a place where the assailant may have come into contact with the wall, it was sent to the State Bureau of Investigation. The results of the testing were described as follows: "The DNA profile obtained from swabbing the sheet rock MATCHED (insert underline) the DNA profile obtained from the bloodstain of Jason Young."

Jason HUNG UP on investigators trying to talk to him as his family was driving him to Raleigh from Brevard.

And employee of the hotel in Hillsville found a rock propping open an exit door.

Jason is seen on video, about an hour after he checked into the hotel, approaching that same exit, wearing clothing (dark, long-sleeved shirt) different from what he was wearing when he checked in.

His entry key card was not used after that time. The next time a card was used on his door was at 11:41 the next morning, when housekeeping went in there to clean up.

There is much discussion at In Sessions and Friction Powered Information Exchange (start toward the bottom of page 16). The former is a predominately "Jason is Innocent" crowd, and the latter is the "Guilty" brigade. Of course, there are opposites on both boards--or there would not be much debate. I'm sure WebSleuths is covering it as well.

This does not look good for Jason. It does, however, look good for justice.


  1. I hope LE are just making sure all their ducks are in a row before nailing this POS to the wall.

  2. Ronni, I have Adobe 8 - so if you want anything copied and pasted into a word document, just send me an e-mail at my yahoo addy.

  3. And, in the early morning hours, the paper delivery people saw a light colored SUV parked near the home and the home was lit up like they were having a party.

    Here's hoping that justice will finally be served for Michelle and her family.

  4. Seen the latest?

    Jason's trolling online for new victims, er, women.

  5. Just now. RPD quoted Loretta over at Scout's forum:

    Post at 8:18

    Isn't that just outside of enough? Poor Cassidy!

    I could just slap that man, even if I had to stand on a chair to do it!