Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brendan Is Gone

For the first time in over 31 years, I don't have a child to nurture.

Brendan is gone off to college, leaving me more laundry than I thought he had clothes.

Life is so unfair! His childhood went by so very fast...I remember thinking, when he was a tiny baby, that I would be pushing 60 when he graduated from high school, and wondering if it would bother him that I would be old enough to be his grandmother.

If it did, he never said.

I miss him already, in spite of the laundry.


  1. Ronni:

    Start planning what you will wear to Parents' Weekend--that got me through the suddenly quiet days.

    Know what I missed the most after my younger son left for school? I missed the phone ringing. It was never for me--but I was surprised how quiet my life became.

    I did enjoy the once a week laundry job instead of three loads a day.

    Do something nice for yourself--to celebrate your mothering job proving to be well-done.

  2. You just might start enjoying the freedom. I hope so.

  3. It'll just make the times Brendan's home that much more special. Hugs, Ronni. I can't imagine not having my son close by.

    Can you IM chat with each other? If that's possible, try the voice chat program (Yahoo)It will save you a fortune in long distance phone bills, as it's FREE! Plus there's the webcam option along with that, so it's more like he's right there with you.