Monday, July 07, 2008


With large and profuse thanks to Terri!

You rock!


  1. I don't know about rocking, but I do tip easily when I drink too much! lol
    Glad you like it( Terri takes a bow)
    Raising my martini to you SALUTE!

  2. That is adorable!!! Kudos!

  3. Oh goodness! I have a new burnt umber Tee that is screaming (pardon the pun) for that logo!

  4. maybe another line is needed--
    i'm a Whineybabypeepeepants...
    and i Like It

  5. (you'll catch the tune in a minute)

    I'm a Whineybabypeepeepants
    Anonymous commented on my Rants
    He/She thinks that it is quite ok
    To namecall anonomously in that way
    Coward's way is that 'Anonymous'
    Won't sign with a Willie or a Sam
    (no Sam!)
    If nameless posts are taken serious:
    Then Whineybabypeepeepants I am, I am,
    Whineybabypeepeepants I am!

    2nd verse, like the 1st -- a little word change, but still as perverse!

    I'm a Whineybabypeepeepants
    The penultimate jab in verbal dance
    Hang my thoughts out there for all to see
    And *you* dare call me just a cry baby?
    At least we'll claim our words, whate'er they are
    Whether they stay close or wander far.
    (So far!)
    If a Whineybabypeepeepants, I be,
    At least I sign my name for all to see!

    There! Got that out of my head (I'm That Way, you know). Besides, *I* am not a Whineybabypeepeepants. I am an Alpha B*tch -- don't believe me? Ask my pack. Woof!

    Love ya, Ronni... and safe travels if I don't get a note off to you before you hit the trail.

  6. That was cute Barb! lol
    Set to Henrey the eighth! too funny!Ronni you have some very expressive readers! I love it!

  7. Okay, how immature can someone be to call you a name like that? But I do have to applaud your readers, they are very creative and supportive. Love the shirt and the song.