Friday, July 11, 2008

Well, Heck!

I can't find the cord that uploads pictures from my camera to my computer. I sure hope I can get another one somewhere...I have a couple of great pictures from along the way today, and some from Brevard, where we are spending the night.

It is a lovely road into this town. We took the scenic route, a winding road through the mountains. Speed limit varied from 15 mph to 45. It's a narrow road with tight curves and switchbacks. Beautiful views in every direction, but not a route for 18-wheelers, of which we saw several.

The Blue Ridge Parkway will be a piece of cake after this!

Brevard is a lovely town. We will explore a bit in the morning before we take off. Right now, we are resting and doing laundry.

I guess that, if the camera cord is all I lose this trip, I'm doing well, but I'm ticked.


  1. Didn't you know that "whineybabypeepeepants" are notorious for misplacing things?

    That's a bugger, for sure. #2 is touring Europe this summer and forgot to pack the cord for his camera recharger. The problem was compounded by the voltage/outlet differences so he wasn't able to buy a replacement. Thank goodness for FedEx.

    Am looking forward to your pics - in the meantime, I trust you packed your Depends.


  2. whoops -- make that "#2 son" (who is actually #3 child)

  3. Natchez Trace in the spring when the dogwoods are in bloom is on my "bucket list".

    I am loving your posts about the trip.
    And remember, you found Jim's keys so I am confident you will find the camera to computer transfer cord.

    Will be looking for the next installment.

    Travel safe.

  4. Oh stop being a whineybabypeepeepants! lol
    just kidding! That really sucks,you should be able to replace it though.
    I am so looking forward to seeing your pictures.
    Just be glad your camera isn't as old as my last one was,I COULDN'T replace the cord for that! That's why the guys bought me a new one last x-mas.
    drvie safe! HUGS

  5. Didn't you say the laptop has a card reader?