Monday, July 14, 2008

A Spot of Weather

Mabry Mill.

Storms on the Blue Ridge

We cut our drive short yesterday, after driving for hours in the blinding rain, through standing and flowing water. We wound up (just us and about a dozen bikers) in a small motel that not only didn't have internet, it didn't even have phone service!

So here we are, a day late and a dollar short.


  1. I really LOVE the picture of the mill!
    everything is beautiful even in the stormy weather!

  2. Ronni:

    I lived in Roanoke and visited Mabry Mill several times making sure that we went in all seasons.

    It is wonderful everytime. Do they still sell fresh ground flour--I used to get buckwheat flour there when I visited.

    I am enjoying your blogs and pictures of my old home, southwestern Virginia.

    Travel safe.

  3. the pic of the mill is BEAUTIFUL - are people allowed to go inside? Did you go and what does it look like? Any pics of that?

  4. No, not inside. They had other displays of tools and equipment, but they were all outside, and it was pouring down rain.