Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Banshee is huge.

I thought he was a girl, until I took him in to get him fixed, and they were kind enough to inform me that he did not need to be spayed; merely, neutered. They also commented on how big he was. As we (I) have several cats that large, it was not all that noticeable until I had him at the clinic, comparing him with others. He's not Guinness Book of Records huge, but he is a lapful.

Jim could never understand why I called him "Banshee," because he is the quietest cat EVER, around the house.

Jim had never driven him in the car. THAT is where he cuts loose with the most mournful sounds I've ever heard come out of a cat.

Oh. And he drools. Did I mention that he drools? He is a very moist cat.


  1. Love that nose!

    I keep forgetting all these fun things about cats. Vet trips were never pleasant!

  2. He is such a handsome boy! My cats do not enjoy the trip to the Vet's each year but sit quietly in the car - the minute we go inside is when they let out that god awful cry. My largest, Damien, is 16.5 lbs. and gets so scared that he pees in the carrier while we are waiting to be seen.
    My life would be so empty without my cats. They are my little kids with fur coats and I love them deeply.

  3. Mine are bratty little kids. Each has his or her own set of eccentricities, and, like you, I love them all.

  4. I love his nose.

    And you guys aint seen NOTHIN.

    My kittenboots is a whopping 35lbs. Mr. Swingin belly is part Maine Coon part Cougar part Lemur, part domestic cat.

    I would think that he was obscenly fat except his brother who died about 6 years ago weighed in at 29lbs and was skin and bones.

  5. BTW, I WAS kidding about the cougar and lemur part lol.

  6. Oh, and his name isnt kittenboots either.

    He just had the same sweet kittenboots I see in your gray one.

    Whoulda thunk this guy fit in the palm of my hand long ago.

    I am babbling, dont mind me :P

  7. I would love to see a picture of your cat. My email is veroprior at gmail.com.

  8. I have one at work that I should scan. It was sent off of my camera, which I dont have anymore. And loaded on my last computer, which doesnt work anymore lol.

    I may have one on my cell phone, because he is fun to look at, but it isnt charged right now.

    I see a pattern here.

  9. Charge that sucker up and email the pic to yourself.

    I have several towers around that are just loaded with pictures and don't work any more. My friend Robbie says he can get them off for me, but he's all busy going to college.

  10. Its not working! And I have a great face shot. He wouldnt go for the belly shot though.

  11. Aww...I would love to see him!

  12. I am on a family plan with the phone (my only camera at this time lol)

    Perhaps my Dad turned it off? I e-mailed the pic to myself and planned on e-mailing it to the net.

    Am I confuzzled!

  13. You have to set up the email on your phone, and then email it to yourself, save it to your hard drive, and do whatever with it from there. Photobucket is a good option, though there are many other on line photo storage places. You can upload pictures from there, and post a link to just the one picture, or to a whole gallery.