Thursday, May 03, 2007



We just got word from a reliable source that Chertoff is denying access to the Hutto prison camp to the UN Human Rights Commission independent inspector, Sr. Jorge Bustamante....who was to inspect human rights violations against the innocent children and their mothers from some 30 different countries.

And we know why!!! Immoral and criminal conduct!!! Sleazy, callous and greedy exploitation...and child abuse...committed by the corporate controlled state. The military-industrial complex is committing its atrocities on innocent children and their mothers...right here in Texas. Taylor, Texas.

For years, we've criticized other dictators for refusing UN inspections. We even go to war over their refusals.

The State of Texas Department of Family Protective Services exempted CCA...actually exempted itself from Texas supervision over the child abuse being committed by Chertoff at Hutto.

Is it not time for a national outrage?

Will you join our outrage? Will you help?

Jay (J Johnson Castro)

Edited to Add (from Jay):

Mr. Bustamante was encouraged that grass roots Americans would hold a vigil in support of his visit...and to FREE the CHILDREN of Hutto. We will not let him down. We will not let ourselves down. We will not let the children and their mothers in Hutto down. Sure...they can bully the UN inspector...but WE will not be bullied...let alone by cowards. They can stop Mr. Bustamante from seeing the inside of Hutto...but they cannot stop our voice of outrage. Their decision to prevent Mr. Bustamante will sting them like the scorpion that stings itself with its own tail. Even the national media will cease to suppress this shocking atrocity. Now...the child victims of Hutto will now come to the light of America...and the world. We may finally see the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Anderson Cooper, Keith Oberman, Cris Matthews. Maybe now Oprah, Angelina Joli and Chuck Norris will weigh in. Maybe even Dan Rather?

Regardless...we WILL proceed with our Hutto Vigil VIII this coming Monday...May 7th...just as we resolved. Chertoff and ICE will not...and cannot...dissuade us by their impeding Mr. Bustamante. What Chertoff and ICE are trying to hide from the UN...we already know. Either way...we have won this battle.

Hutto Vigil VIII will take place all day in front of the Hutto prison camp. We'll start at 10am. We'll stop after sunset. Come any time during the day that you can. Feel free to share this invitation. Please feel free to bring your friends, family, neighbors...and members of your faith or organization.
Our statement to the leaders of this country?




  1. Don't it, though?

    There's going to be a vigil next week. Stay tuned for further info.

  2. This is infuriating, Ronni!

    In this day and age? In America? We know the mentality of people put in charge of "prisoners". We have seen the abuse of power over and over again.

    It appears, they answer to no-one! That is really, really scary!

  3. I was talking to someone last night who said that the guards have very little training, and the job sometimes represents the only chance for steady employment in the communities where the prisons are located.

    Taylor is definitely a depressed community, and has, for years, been reputed to have a "gang problem."

  4. Vero, they had a TV experiment over here. One team were prisoners and the other were guards.

    It took 6 days for the majority of the guards to become abusive and inhumanly cruel.

    Experts believe, in the right conditions, we are all capable of this behaviour. Worrying!

  5. Mgt, a similar experiment was done here, with college kids. Apparently, some of them needed a lot of therapy to get over the experience. A psychotherapist spoke about it as the last vigil.

  6. To think some of those families must have been locked up for a considerable length of time, beggars belief.

    Our countries are being run my megalomaniacs!