Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The President's War

I heard on the news last night that all internet access, except for email, is being cut off from our soldiers in Iraq.

I heard two separate reasons for this. One, that it's a security issue, and the other, that it is a financial one.

Apparently, according to the first reason, the Military doesn't want the job of checking all the MySpace and YouTube entries to make sure that the soldiers are not giving out too much information. I can understand that. A lot of things have changed since the advent of the internet. Remember in "Catch 22," Yossarian had the job of censoring letters, and he got so bored with it that he would censor at will, whatever he pleased? I'm sure there are quite a few disabled and injured guys who would be able to get online and work some sort of magic with censoring or removing pages that divulged classified info, and soldiers who do so should maybe have their access interrupted.

As for the expense; don't get me started! Billions, TRILLIONS, spent on this war, much of it going into the pockets of Haliburton and other contractors, a lot just flat going MISSING and unaccounted for, and they can't afford internet for the very people who are doing all the work?

Or, do they just not want the "boots" to know what's going on at home?

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